PREMIERE: Factory Floor, How You Say (Gunnar Haslam Remix)

It’s a given at this point that DFA makes impeccable A&R choices, nurturing bands from bright little beacons of hope into full fledged stars of the underground. Selecting Gunnar Haslam to remix Factory Floor’s “How You Say” is particularly inspired, as it finds a satisfying connection point between two very different artists. His take is workman-like in its directness and metallic tones, rotating endlessly to pull listeners deeper into an industrial landscape of vaporous guitar “melodies” shootings off sparks and and indefatigable percussion assaults. DJs who play this puppy to an already hyped, techno-friendly crowd will have to peel dancers from the ceiling. Our thanks to DFA for premiering the remix on LWE.

cloooom  on April 9, 2014 at 8:10 AM

good, anyone else reminded of Appleblim n Pev’s “Circling”?


Listen to Factory Floor’s How You Say experience the Gunnar Haslam once over | Dukla Prague Away Kit  on April 9, 2014 at 11:41 AM

[…] It’s been almost a  week since we introduced you to another remix of a Factory Floor track. Well don’t lose hope, because below find Gunnar Haslam’s  pinsharp banger of an interpretation of  one of the Factory Floor album standout tracks, How Who Say, which today has been exclusively revealed by Little White Earbuds. […]

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