Erika, Hexagon Cloud RMXD 2.0

[Interdimensional Transmissions]

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Although it is an accomplished effort in its own right, hitting the sweet spot between Detroit techno and futurist electro, Erika’s Hexagon Cloud LP from last year continues to yield impressive remixes. The first set offered divergent reworks by Detroit house mainstay Marcellus Pittman and Canadian industrial techno duo Orphx, and on this, the second, a new group of talents take her originals deeper into space.

Patrick Russell takes charge of the fairly stark “North Hex” and reduces it even more, rotating an assemblage of simple parts around the original’s curvaceous groove. Israel Vines’ take on “Gardeners” initially recalls Jeff Mills in its rushing, cyclical bells (which feature on the original as well), but the track eventually assumes its own identity, evolving into a laser-laced electro skip, which undercuts a wilted main line. Speaking of Mills, the fittingly named Outer Space emphasize more Mills-ian bleeps on “Tow Ride,” underscored by the metallic groans of heaving machinery. The duo eventually hearken back to Erika’s precise, slender original, though, as the arrangement hits steady cruise control above a legitimately filthy bass line. The marquee act on the EP is Donato Dozzy, who contributes two remixes of “Early Warning Starfield.” Dozzy is having a big year with the Voices From The Lake tour and a lot of releases, and both efforts showcase why he is so in-demand. To those who know his catalog, neither will be a huge surprise — both are swaying, pulsing, repetitive, and incredibly balanced. Both take on wholly different moods, however: the “Bioclock” mix features woody, Reich-ian phaser hypnosis, while the sci-fi ominous “Spiral Synthi” mix is laced with a screechy cry that sounds like it’s falling from heaven.

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