Samuel, Numberuma


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As both label and record shop, Idle Hands become something of a quiet institution on the underground landscape. It’s one that embodies a “quality over quantity” ethos, both in terms of release schedule and the records stocked in the physical store. BRSTL, the Idle Hands vinyl-only, pure house and techno subsidiary, has seen previous releases from the likes of October, Borai and Outboxx, all of whom wended their way through pleasingly steadying grooves heavy on personality, warmth and ever present sub. This sixth release sees the production debut of young Bath-based producer Samuel, who impresses with a couple of fiercely insistent rollers that will make perfect sense in the early hours, sounding as effortless as they do assured.

“Numberuma” is a (relatively) breezy summer jam hinging on a strongly melodic hook that twinkles away under the weighty pulse of the kick, like a scrumpy addled imp playing a stolen music hall piano. While it’s a melodically driven track there is submerged steel at play, as well. Rough percussive elements — in particular the constantly shifting hats — ably assist getting creative in the mix and will push through the muddiest of systems. Indeed, Samuel’s production here is crystal clear, each element clearly sculpted and defined. “Groove Therapy” is a more heads down affair that propels itself forward ably assisted by some unusually jangly sounding hats and cymbal work, processed within an inch of its life. Filtered pads add body and the sub is pleasingly cavernous. These is a seriously crisp, high quality 12″ that will no doubt please those enamored with the sunnier side of underground house. One to watch.

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