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Samuel, Numberuma

Brstl’s sixth release sees the production debut of young Bath-based producer Samuel, who impresses with a couple of fiercely insistent rollers that sound as effortless as they do assured.

Outboxx, Outboxx

Outboxx have expand their style through releases on Immerse Recordings, BRSTL, and Well Rounded Housing Project, but nowhere is their bold versatility displayed better than on their self-titled album on Idle Hands.

Outboxx, Jaded / Sunshine Mills

The quickly gaining steam Outboxx offer some of their most confident and anthemic material to date on the Sunshine Mills EP.

Bass Clef, Dawn Chorus Pedal

Bass Clef’s outsider approach to genre is in fine form on Dawn Chorus Pedal, the Idle Hands-release follow up to the Reeling Skullways LP.

LWE Podcast 131: Kowton

LWE wanted to find out more about Kowton so got in touch for a chat about sampling, the breaking down of genres and why it is so important for producers to take that big step and send out some demos. He also mixed together our 131st exclusive podcast; a sometimes sunny, often brooding amalgam of house and techno that shows another side to the young producer.

AnD, Hydrothermal

Whereas previous Idle Hands outings focused on slow burners, this new 12” from AnD is a more energetic affair that marks perhaps the imprint’s first truly vital release.