Sex Trothler, Sexplosion

[Wagon Repair]

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“Through a leaking bodily cavity resembling the pork found in Chinese restaurants, Satan shat out a crystal beaming with glowing red embers. This crystal matured into the fetus of Seth Troxler.” Thus begins Beyond Booking’s bio for the artist behind “Sexplosion,” the newest EP on Wagon Repair. Both the absurdity and the extravagance of this blurb fit Troxler well. At the tender age of 22, Seth has completed the proverbial techno journey from Detroit, where he was born (err, shat out), to Berlin, where he currently resides. With releases on Circus Company, Crosstown Rebels, and now Wagon Repair, as well as a killer podcast for The Bunker and numerous performances at Watergate, Panoramabar and Robert Johnson, Troxler is really killing it this year. For those who were unconvinced thus far, “Sexplosion” should seal the deal.

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In just two and a half tracks, “Sexplosion” showcases the refreshingly bizarre talent that makes Troxler such a badass. “Jus Your” starts off with some haphazard organ doodling and no beat — perfect for a starting track. Cartoon house vocals usher in the drums, a few high hats slip into play, and soon we’ve got a bright and simple groove going. The track has a fantastic just-got-laid strut to it, and is probably the best manifestation of Troxler’s weird sense of humor I’ve heard yet. “Internude,” aside from the admittedly decent nuthouse synths in the background, is nothing but humor, but it’s a nice touch; when was the last time a producer threw a slapstick monologue between two tracks on an EP? Not sure who did the vocals on this one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that over-the-top DJ caricature is Troxler himself. The wackiness subsides, more or less with “Face (A Tribute to Head).” Much like “Love Never Sleeps” (another killer Troxler track), “Face (A Tribute to Head)” sports a deep but campy style with a bit of sci-fi flair. This one is much darker than “Sexplosion,” with heavy-handed panning and extra-warped vocals stirring up a rather druggy vibe. It’s hard to say which is the stronger track, as they both achieve completely different ends with such charismatic swagger. “Sexplosion” makes it clear enough that while Seth Troxler may not take himself too seriously, he’s certainly no joke.

le k  on October 28, 2008 at 3:23 AM

perfect ep for me, it s good to hear something whic can works on dancefloor and sounds original.

oh and yes,
Circus Company and not Circus Factory.

Will Lynch  on October 28, 2008 at 6:11 AM

Hey Le K, just want to say I’ve got some of your records and they’re fucking great! Elefonk is classic. Keep it up!

sam  on October 29, 2008 at 1:58 AM

It s a good ep but I don’t find this track that much original

onirik  on November 8, 2008 at 12:04 PM

hamazing release, it’s hard to know wich one is my fav but I think it’s Face…can’t get enough of it


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