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Seth Troxler, Boogy Bytes Vol.05

After four homegrown installations of their Boogy Bytes mix series, BPitch Control broke free of their own roster, judiciously offering the fifth chapter to Berlin’s beloved “baller by definition,” Mr. Troxler. Voted one of the top ten DJs of 2009, it’s comes as no surprise that Troxler’s track selection is as eclectic, varied, and charming as his character is memorable. The mixing is careful and colorful, and the narrative grows more enticing with each end-to-end listen.

Win a copy of Boogy Bytes Vol.05: Mixed by Seth Troxler

Until now, the Boogy Bytes mix series has been BPitch Control’s showcase for its DJ stable, with mixes from Ellen Allien, Sascha Funke, Modeselektor and Kiki. With Vol.05, however, BPitch opt only to feature exceptional DJ talent with a mix from the self-proclaimed “Andy Kaufman of techno,” Seth Troxler. Looking to snag a copy? Stick with us, kid. Simply answer this trivia question and your correct answer will make you eligible to win one of two copies of Boogy Bytes Vol.05: On what label did Troxler make his vinyl debut? Send your answer with “Boogy Bytes Contest” in the subject line to editor[at]littlewhiteearbuds.com by March 2nd at 10am CST. Two winners will be notified by email. Good luck!

Seth Troxler & Matthew Dear, Hurt

Sometimes you read about collaborations happening in the music industry and they’re almost impossible for your little ears to comprehend. What would really happen if two heavyweights like Prince and David Bowie collided in the studio? What if Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston finally had a musical purging of all their love and talent in a duet? Seeing Seth Troxler and Mathew Dear on the same ticket didn’t quite dredge up the mind boggling fascination of a Prince/Bowie merger or the morbid fascination of a Brown/Houston team up, but I admit there was a fair amount of due anticipation to hear their result.

Kiki, Good Voodoo Remixes

As the cut up vocals intoning the title of “Good Voodoo” slip into your ears, you can almost picture the moment Kiki discovered the sample: Eyes wide and jaw gone slack with awe, BPitch Control staple Joakim Ijäs likely sensed its potential immediately, building a broadly enticing techno structure to house the hypnotic chant and the rest of Chela Simone’s affected vocals. Its spherical synth riff and massive, Carl Craig-inspired pads hit several populist pleasure centers at once, assuring its selection as the first single from Kaiku, Kiki’s sophomore album. But not ones to leave things to chance, BPitch lined up Jay Haze, Chaim and the rarely seen Visionquest trio to put their own shine on “Good Voodoo” to seal the deal.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Seth Troxler

In the mostly faceless world of techno, a little bit of character can go a long way. This explains, at least in part, Seth Troxler’s speedy and seemingly effortless rise in the international house and techno scene. Musically and personally, he has a lot more charisma than the average DJ/producer (and for those of you who haven’t already heard it a dozen times, he’s a 23 year old Michigan native currently DJing full time in Berlin, which in this culture earns him quite a few cool points). I found Seth in the shadowy back room of The Marcy Hotel, fully reclined on a dirty sofa with his head cradled in a girl’’s lap, smoking a joint. He looked pretty relaxed, but sprung duly to his feet when I said I was here for the interview in anticipation for his appearance at Electric Zoo Labor Day Weekend. We moved to a room with more sufficient lighting, and Seth gave me an earful about his background, his goals as an artist, and the downside to DJing in Berlin.

Seth Troxler, Aphrika EP

Art by Neil Farber [Wolf + Lamb Music] Raise your hand if you saw this one coming: a tech-house appropriation of Maya Angelou’s classic poem “Phenomenal Woman.” Oh, nobody? In the long run, however, it’s not much of a surprise given Seth Troxler’s predilection for 12″ curveballs. If his output in the past twelve months […]

Sex Trothler, Sexplosion

[Wagon Repair] “Through a leaking bodily cavity resembling the pork found in Chinese restaurants, Satan shat out a crystal beaming with glowing red embers. This crystal matured into the fetus of Seth Troxler.” Thus begins Beyond Booking’s bio for the artist behind “Sexplosion,” the newest EP on Wagon Repair. Both the absurdity and the extravagance […]