Shakarchi & Stranéus, Femman EP

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[Geography Records]

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It’s nice when labels take their time. You know, when they really strive to ensure the “quality-over-quantity” ideal is fulfilled. Arguably, no one’s doing it better than Oscar Villata and Adam Lundberg, the two gents behind Malmö’s Geography Records. Showing extraordinary patience, they’ve released just four records since opening in 2010, but every last one of them has been sterling. And we’re not talking, “I always have it in my record bag” type of sterling. We’re talking, “I’m onto my second copy because my first one died from too much play” kind of sterling. What’s surprising is that the label doesn’t really do anything radical; it just throws down really, really well-executed bits of house. For record number five, Faik Shakarchi & Daniel Stranéus — the authors of the label’s inaugural 12″ — have been recalled, with typically watertight results.

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Remember about three seconds ago, and the words “really, really well-executed”? The A1, “Either Way” exemplifies this idea as well as any track around. There’s nothing intrinsically special about its spangled chords or fast-shuffling percussion, but everything is just unbelievably tight, from its snare-peppered drops to the euphoric stabs which constantly urge things upwards. If any cut is going to wear out the grooves, it’s this infectious anthem. Like any good EP, the other tracks offer different thrills. The gentle and jazzy “Emigrantvisa” ought to sound generic, but simply can’t. Like Andrés’ “Jazz Dance,” there’s just too much piano and bass swagger to ignore. The remaining two tracks, “Varsgatan” and “Tammerfors,” trade in milder strains of deep house, but unexpected chord progressions and occasional percussive variations set them well apart from the average experience. In other words, the exact thing Geography continues to aspire to and achieve.

Adam Lundberg // Geography Records  on February 19, 2013 at 7:43 AM

Thanks for the very nice words!

dance 'til you're dead  on February 25, 2013 at 12:25 AM

Well put. this is a great release

Brad  on March 10, 2013 at 9:31 PM

Can’t wait for this one!


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