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  • Nick Connellan – Little White Earbuds

    Author Archive: Nick Connellan

    Edit Select, Phlox

    Phlox‘s 11 ying-and-yang excursions feel like instruments of ongoing discovery, with Edit Select reaching out to grasp at the distant, darkened corners of his musical vocabulary and committing the results to record.

    Till Krüger, Trends

    On Trends, Till Krüger returns to the well of Detroit techno sounds for three tracks that are enjoyable if not particularly groundbreaking.

    Oskar Offermann, Distance is Depth

    For Distance is Depth, Oskar Offermann delves into the world of vocal samples to an extent not usually heard in his music.

    Rivet, Bear Bile

    Bear Bile, the Rivet’s sixth 12″, showcases the continued success of this ascetic approach.

    Various Artists, Apartment Six

    Kenny Hanlon’s Apartment label has tended to trade in classically informed house, techno, and electro. Apartment Six, the label’s first compilation, doesn’t break the spell, but it does provide bang for the buck.

    Johanna Knutsson & Hans Berg, Vintergatan EP

    The Vintergatan EP by Johanna Knutsson & Hans Berg maintains the quirky, lighthearted attitude inherent in most Crime City Disco records with trickling arpeggios and cosmic chords.

    Vince Watson, It’s Not Over

    With soundtracks and more traditionally musical projects occupying more of Vince Watson’s time, It’s Not Over finds him stripping back his club-focused productions to their essences.

    Earth House Hold, See Through You

    Brock Vay Wey misses the mark on See Through You, his recent single for Peach under the Earth House Hold moniker.

    John Daly, Solar Sailing

    The tenth volume on John Daly’s One Track Records provides a good value over it’s three tracks if perhaps not enough variety.

    LWE Podcast 189: Fishermen

    LWE called up Martin and Thomas bring us up to speed on their Fisherman project, who also compiled our 189th podcast: an hour of haunting, chord-heavy techno.

    Talking Shopcast with Udacha

    Talking Shopcast 19 from A5 collects music from as far back as the ’60s, and mixing it with his label’s latest records via non-beatmatched fades and other unconventional devices. He doesn’t always program and mix this way, but he says, “I just wanted to record something which tells the weird story that I associate with our label.”

    Giovanni Damico, Cuttin’, Samplin’, Housin’ EP Part One

    Cuttin, Samplin, Housin Part One, the sixth 12″ for Geography Records, sees the Malmö-based label stretching its reach further than ever before to Giovanni Damico in Salerno, Italy.

    Porn Sword Tobacco, Cave 4b-50 Clicks Northwest

    Released with the help of the quiet achievers at Aniara Recordings,Cave 4b-50 Clicks Northwest updates two tracks from the last Porn Sword Tobacco album and presents one new one.

    Conforce, Kinetic Image

    On Kinetic Image, the increasingly gloomy sound Confrorce has been cultivating reaches new levels of seriousness.

    Recondite, Hinterland

    As did On Acid, Hinterland exhibits Recondite’s extraordinary ability for expression in spite of a limited palette.

    Jonsson / Alter, 2

    2, Jonsson/Alter’s second full-length, is the conscious opposite of Mod — the result of a carefully planned studio campaign rather than a spontaneous huddle in Alter’s home studio.

    Austin Cesear, There’s A Crack In Everything EP

    There’s A Crack In Everything, the follow up to Austin Cesear’s debut LP, affirms that the quirky aesthetic established there was hardly a fluke.

    Signature Series, Self Titled EP

    Part of Melbourne’s bubbling house scene, Dan Steele and Andrew Broughton make their self-titled debut as Signature Series on their own Bad Party Records.

    TCB, Monogamie

    Like Live At Robert Johnson, the label he runs with Ata, Oliver Hafenbauer’s Die Orakel imprint mines left of center sounds with The Citizen’s Band.