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Think of the finest modern techno and house music and Montreal’s Tiga isn’t exactly the first name that comes to mind. However, it seem as if the producer known for his trashy Ed Banger-style electro productions (though admittedly a step above many of his dime-a-dozen contemporaries) has excellent taste in remixers, or at least someone at his label, Turbo, does. The latest single from 2009’s well-milked Ciao! LP, “Gentle Giant,” is a silky downtempo number with a fantastic vocal hook; and while the original merely haunts the spirit of these remixes (they sound more like new original tracks from each producer), each offers a unique and personal interpretation of the song’s complacent lounge vibes.

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Martyn leads off the EP with his stunning “Heaven” remix, an apt subtitle all cringes aside. The Dutchman crafts a lush house track laden with choral vocals, soft strings, and a jacking beat caked with a little more grit he usually supplies. The swelling riffs of the original are battered and beaten down into a familiar wired-track progression as Tiga’s wordless oohs breezily float along for the ride. It’s quintessential Martyn, taking shelter between genres and sounding irresistibly smooth and appealing no matter what side of the divide you find yourself. Efdemin’s remix sounds like it could have been picked up off the cutting room floor of his Chicago LP, dusty nocturnal beats with a surprisingly muscular low-end; but just when it seems like he is content to merely ride the groove, the beat drops out and Tiga momentarily wafts in. The track jettisons into more percussive, upbeat territory, as drums feeding off of their own infectious bounce — one of the more uplifting things Efdemin has done in a long while. Mathew Jonson rounds out the EP with a lush, floaty remix (and a full-length vocal as a digital bonus) infected with blurred acid textures and harboring a queasy bass riff, all rounded textures like most of his recent work. So, if Tiga may not typically find room in your regular rotation, maybe it’s time to make an exception, even just this once.

Si  on July 26, 2010 at 6:50 AM

Martyn and Efdemin mixes of this are lovely

Spons  on August 3, 2010 at 3:33 PM

Martyn on repeat. That track strikes some serious chords with me. Sublime.

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