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Mathew Jonson, Panna Cotta

With Mathew Jonson now at the controls of Itiswhatitis, he’s restarted it with a couple of lost treasures from the mid-aughts era he once dominated.

Mathew Jonson, Dayz

Mathew Jonson makes an unexpected appearance on Crosstown Rebels with Dayz that comes with another surprise: a remix by dBridge.

Tiga, Gentle Giant Remixes

While Montreal’s Tiga might not pique your interest by himself, the remixes of his “Gentle Giant” by Martyn, Efdemin, and Mathew Jonson are certain to get your attention.

DOTW: Mathew Jonson, When Love Feels Like Crying

“When Love Feels Like Crying,” our Download of the Week, first appeared on Mathew Jonson’s 2009 Walking On the Hands That Follow Me single but it feels just as vital today.

Hrdvsion, Where Did You Just Go? EP

Although only teasing six tracks of what will be a full length album, Hrdvsion’s Where Did You Just Go EP packs more ideas into it than most artists manage over several albums.

Mathew Jonson, Ghosts In the AI

If one were to single out an overarching narrative for the trajectory of electronic music in 2009, it would surely be the emphasis on the past — on the founding myths and legends that electronic music emerged out of — as a source of inspiration. With disco breaking out from small-scale revival to established Room Two, even Room One fare, with deep house announcing itself as the heir apparent to the ubiquity of mid-decade minimal, and with the cavernously retrospective, Detroit-flecked techno of the Berghain/Hard Wax crew dominating tracklists, it seems that in 2009, the only way to look forward, was to look back. Accordingly, Mathew Jonson chimed in with his take on the theme for Ghosts In the AI, his last Wagon Repair release of the year and the decade.

Talking Shop with Wagon Repair

This time we examine the Canadian-born Wagon Repair, which started as the home of pals Mathew Jonson, Konrad Black, Graham Boothby and Loose Change and has blossomed into one the most versatile and sought after labels in techno and house. Favoring quality sounds over particular aesthetics, WR boasts releases from The Mole, Tobias Freund, Seth Troxler, Deadbeat, Minilogue, Hrdvision and more. Mr. Jonson kindly answered our questions between gigs, shedding light on his favorite Wagon Repair release, the odd origins of the label name and the reason people love vinyl.

Mike Shannon, Memory Tree

Art by Liu Bolin [Plus 8 Records] While it’s higher profile offshoot label M_nus continues to tread water and slowly transform into some sort of sci-fi cartoon series, Richie Hawtin’s original Plus 8 imprint keeps on putting out quality techno releases with a lot less frequency but a much higher level of quality across the […]

Kevin Saunderson, History Elevate 3

Illustration by lampechka [KMS] While parsing through a slightly heated discussion over whether Kevin Saunderson’s recent RA podcast — packed with poppy cuts and mixed with CDs/Ableton — had stained his legendary status, one post stood out to me. The author reminded the participants that Saunderson’s long career took place both above ground and underground, […]