Untold, I Can’t Stop This Feeling

[Hessle Audio]

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Untold, aka producer Jack Dunning, released his first record a little over a year ago on Hessle Audio (the fabulous “Kingdom”), and soon after started Hemlock Recordings, specializing in his own brand of experimental dupstep. Now he’s back for more on Ramadanman and Pangaea’s label with “I Can’t Stop This Feeling,” pushing his sound, and indeed the sound known as dubstep, further into uncharted waters. That Untold’s music sounds unlike most of his peers is a given, but on “I Can’t Stop This Feeling” he manages to surprise even those who’ve followed his releases, turning in two absolutely mad tunes bursting at the seams with creativity.

A side “I Can’t Stop This Feeling” starts simple enough with a kick drum and rising synth stabs, but after a flurry of hand claps the track explodes into an onslaught of percussion and constantly shifting bass lines. Halfway through the track simmers down to nothing but a punchy, tense woodblock pattern and descending bass line until all of that tension is suddenly released in another storm of snugly programmed drums. “Anaconda” is less tense and no less interesting, a menagerie of out-there animal noises, whistles and tribal drum sounds loosely held together by lunging syncopations. As listeners run into squeaks, pan flutes, digitized voices and the edge of a piano riff, some might wonder if they’ve gotten lost in Untold’s sample locker. It will take many listens to absorb everything going on in these two tracks, making it an extremely captivating listen, each time revealing more of itself. Untold seems intent on rewriting the rules of dubstep entirely, and with “I Can’t Stop This Feeling” he has crafted one of the most out there and enjoyable releases this year.

Will C.  on June 24, 2009 at 4:12 PM

This is definitely a track to get lost in.

Andrew L  on June 24, 2009 at 8:54 PM

Great single. Another track that has the same mental dubstep/house vibe is “Techno Skank” by Slaughter Mob.

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