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Untold, Black Light Spiral

Reportedly recorded over the course of a single July week in 2013, Black Light Spiral is a remarkable feat of squalor — the sort of stuff that would lead one to contemplate Untold’s well-being during the creation process.

Untold, Change In A Dynamic Environment Part 1

For his first Hemlock release in three years, Untold begins a three-part series with tracks applying late 90s D’n’B references to techno, although not entirely successfully.

Milano, The Fall

The unpredictable Turbo imprint arrives as a stamped label in a plain white sleeve, and as you might have guessed it’s a slice of unforgiving warehouse techno.

Untold, Little Things Like That

Untold’s Little Things Like That arrives on Clone Basement Series as a chance to start anew but instead doubles down.

Cosmin TRG, Tower Block/Béton Brut

With Tower Block/Béton Brut, Cosmin TRG continues Hemlock’s tradition of releasing dance music that’s all but inexplicable to those who take comfort in categorization.

LWE Does Unsound Festival New York

Since 2003, the Unsound Festival has been about bringing the disparate impulses inherent in electronic music under one roof — a music event urging you to scratch your chin one minute and dance your ass off the next. Presenting itself like a film festival but booked like a forward-thinking summertime weekender, Unsound has consistently showcased brilliant and challenging new sounds without ripping them from their underground trappings. Any music festival as likely to feature Sunn 0))) as Zomby is sure to pique my interest, but by nature of it happening in Krakow, Poland, its ridiculously open bookings stood quite a bit out of my reach. New York City — its population overeducated, overstimulated, and relatively accepting of high-end dance music thanks in no small part to Beyond Booking’s forward-thinking Bunker parties — always seemed like the perfect candidate for something like Unsound, and for a week in February 2010, my fair city got it. And not even a knock-off, either! The Unsound Festival New York brought a truly impressive and deliciously diverse line-up of electronic musicians — asking you to ponder, get down, or do both at once — to underground venues across Manhattan and Brooklyn. And I was lucky enough to trudge through New York’s famous February weather to witness the festival on Little White Earbuds’s behalf. (Very big ups are due to Gamall Awad of Backspin Promotions for making this possible.)

Untold, I Can’t Stop This Feeling

Untold, aka producer Jack Dunning, released his first record a little over a year ago on Hessle Audio (the fabulous “Kingdom”), and soon after started Hemlock Recordings, specializing in his own brand of experimental dupstep. Now he’s back for more on Ramadanman and Pangaea’s label with “I Can’t Stop This Feeling,” pushing his sound, and indeed the sound known as dubstep, further into uncharted waters. That Untold’s music sounds unlike most of his peers is a given, but on “I Can’t Stop This Feeling” he manages to surprise even those who’ve followed his releases, turning in two absolutely mad tunes bursting at the seams with creativity.