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Vatican Shadow, Remember Your Black Day

Remember Your Black Day is nominally Vatican Shadow’s debut album despite several long playing past releases, raising and challenging listeners’ expectations.

Ron Morelli, Spit

Ron Morelli is well-known for his love of Chicagoan ghetto house and the crunchy, New York “graffiti techno” promoted by the likes of Adam X and Frankie Bones in the 1990s, and both of these influences are central across Spit.

Vatican Shadow, Ghosts of Chechnya

Ghosts of Chechnya, Vatican Shadow’s 15th release in three years, is a surprisingly accomplished addition to a ghoulishly reflective catalog that, as if possessed, appears to be frequently updating itself.

Silent Servant, Negative Fascination

Negative Fascination won’t end Silent Servant’s Sandwell District associations entirely, but it’s unquestionably a statement of independence, both from the group and from capital-T techno more generally.