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LWE Podcast: 64 Matt O’Brien is archived this week

LWE’s 64th podcast, arranged by Matt O’Brien, was a protean mix of mood-shifting house and techno. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, October 7th.

LWE Podcast 64: Matt O’Brien

At a time when the number of weekly releases is staggeringly high, Matt O’Brien’s erratic release schedule, hardware-based production approach and gritty techno sound are refreshingly old school. In addition to our chat with the producer he’s generously mixed together our 64th exclusive podcast, more than an hour of expertly mixed house and techno to start your week.

Matt O’Brien, Remixes From The Periphery

Matt O’Brien’s Remixes From the Periphery brings together some of the past and present leading lights of techno and house, which in many ways neatly sum up O’Brien’s approach to music-making.

Matt O’Brien/Peter Van Hoesen & Donato Dozzy, Into the Red/Talis

The Belgian label Curle Recordings continues its impressive release schedule with a pan-European heavyweight techno line-up. Representing the UK is the refreshingly unorthodox Matt O’Brien. Favouring a quality over quantity approach that has not yet projected him into the limelight, O’Brien’s selectiveness is nonetheless admirable. Last year, he delivered two of 2009’s best remixes — the eerie take on The Subliminal Kid on his Offkey Industries imprint, and the insane bell chiming cacophony-led reshape of Roberto Bosco on Mowar — along with the excellent From the Periphery EP. While “Into the Red” marks a fresh departure for O’Brien, it sees him maintain the same high standards.