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Little White Earbuds Presents Sendai

When Sendai offered LWE the chance to provide their set from Berlin Atonal 2014 we jumped at the chance. Read the duo’s description of that night and their set then listen along.

Peter Van Hoesen, Perceiver

Perceiver is a slow-paced and multifaceted slow-burner that represents some of his most fully realized and melodically complex work, containing a measured dose of expertly driven techno that will sate the headstrong.

Dario Zenker, Cat Stance

Cat Stance is Dario Zenker’s second appearance on Peter Van Hoesen’s Time To Express label, and like the first, it comes bolstered with a remix from the proprietor himself.

Sendai, Geotope

Geotope is the middle ground between the visceral impact of Sendai members Van Hoesen’s best work and De Mey’s intricate sonic structures.

Mount Kimbie, Carbonated

If you were hungry for new Mount Kimbie tracks, Carbonated will sate your appetite, though admittedly you’d probably like nine or ten more bites.

Little White Earbuds July Charts 2011

01. Maxi Mill, “To The Next” [Rush Hour Recordings]
02. Morning Factory, “Fantasy Check” [Royal Oak]
03. Rio Padice, “Woodland” [Claque Musique]
04. Mount Kimbie, “Carbonated” (Peter Van Hoesen Remix) [Hotflush Recordings]
05. Roof Light, “On The Third” [Phuture Shock Musik]
06. Ricardo Miranda, “Urbanism”
[Noble Square Recordings]
07. Legowelt, “Backwoods Fantasies”
[Long Island Electrical Systems]
08. Levon Vincent, “Man or Mistress”
[Novel Sound]
09. DJ Duke, “Summer Madness”
[Self Defence Records]
10. Juju & Jordash, “Chelm Is Burning”
[Golf Channel Recordings]

Win 2 tickets to see Function & Peter Van Hoesen @ Smart Bar

Chicago, are you ready for another double dose of bad ass techno? Oktave once again provides and LWE once again wants to help you enjoy it. If you want to win a pair of tickets to see Function (Sandwell District), Peter Van Hoesen (Time to Express), and Jeff Derringer (Oktave founder) at Smart Bar on […]

LWE’s Top 10 Albums of 2010

These 10 albums, as voted on by LWE’s writing staff, represent the best and most intrepid among the year’s long form statements.

LWE Podcast 25: Peter Van Hoesen retires this week

For our milestone 25th podcast, Belgium’s techno champion Peter Van Hoesen offered LWE a banging live set littered with unreleased material available nowhere else. Make sure to make it yours before it heads off to the archives this Friday, October 22 at 10am CST.

Traversable Wormhole, The Remixes Pt. 1

The first in a series of reissues from CLR takes two tracks from the second and fourth Traversable Wormhole releases and tacks on excellent remixes from Marcel Dettmann and Peter Van Hoesen.

Peter Van Hoesen, Irrational X

Peter Van Hoesen’s latest arrives on Exercise One’s Exone label with a track that hearkens back to his slightly more assertive pre-2010 material.

LWE 2Q Reports: Top 10 Downloads

While this list is far from comprehensive and certainly from only one person’s perspective, these are ten of the best mixes I’ve heard so far this year, hopefully offering some signposts to where you can find some soon-to-be favorites for yourself.

LWE 2Q Reports: Top 5 Albums

So in the last six months, why have I, in my capacity as a dance music writer, been pitching reviews of dance albums week in and week out? I think it’s because I’ve noticed something funny happening with dance music albums.

Peter Van Hoesen, Entropic City

If you’ve followed this website even casually, it won’t stun you to read that I consider Entropic City an exemplary album from one of the most vital voices in techno today. LWE dubbed Brussels’ Peter Van Hoesen one of 2008’s “Breakout Artists” and, for his lengthy run of singles last year, we heralded him as one of five “Artists Who Defined 2009.” With quicksilver bass lines coursing beneath their rough, brambly surfaces, Van Hoesen’s shadowy warehouse tracks have long capitalized on an air of urban dystopia. The ten tracks grouped here, though, show off the producer’s experience in sound design better than ever, and the neglected Gotham skylines and abandoned, lightless interiors evoked prove vivid sonic descriptions of the title chosen for his first album under his own name (though the producer seems to have additionally mined the less figurative, thermodynamic definition for inspiration).

Matt O’Brien/Peter Van Hoesen & Donato Dozzy, Into the Red/Talis

The Belgian label Curle Recordings continues its impressive release schedule with a pan-European heavyweight techno line-up. Representing the UK is the refreshingly unorthodox Matt O’Brien. Favouring a quality over quantity approach that has not yet projected him into the limelight, O’Brien’s selectiveness is nonetheless admirable. Last year, he delivered two of 2009’s best remixes — the eerie take on The Subliminal Kid on his Offkey Industries imprint, and the insane bell chiming cacophony-led reshape of Roberto Bosco on Mowar — along with the excellent From the Periphery EP. While “Into the Red” marks a fresh departure for O’Brien, it sees him maintain the same high standards.

Peter Van Hoesen, Variable Parts EP

Free. In whatever digital format you like. Possibilities like these make me question the very purpose of reviewing such a release. “Is this record good enough for me to shell out the money to buy it?” LWE generally hope to provide such answers. But here you’re being treated by Peter Van Hoesen to three reworks of his tunes, as well as a new one, for no cost at all. So whether I’m telling you if this release is worth your time, giving Van Hoesen a thumbs up or simply sharing my thoughts on a new record, you, dear reader, should be picking this one up and making your own judgments even if I determined it were terrible. But being the work of Van Hoesen, it most certainly is not.

LWE’s Top 25 Tracks of 2009 (5-1)

As the Internet allows for the fragmentation of tastes and musical scenes to increase with each passing year, critical attempts to address an overarching annual narrative seem as if they’re becoming a thing of the past. Instead we get something closer to an episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” with several intricate sub-plots coexisting and influencing each other to enjoyable, unpredictable ends. 2009 found house developing still deeper on one hand and running at surface level on the other, some of its adherents picked away by a Latin strain which grew rather unwieldy. UK bass music of all sorts reached further afield for its influences, adding boogie, house and freestyle into its repertoire while dubstep proper refined its sound as the wobble variety began to grate. Techno grew harder, weirder, and more fiercely independent than most had seen in years, and many of its talents continued their courtship with stepping musics. And by the end of the year, there was more than enough excellent tracks to declare 2009’s yield both fruitful and memorable. After looking back, we’ve chosen these 25 tracks as the best this year had to offer.

LWE’s 5 Artists Who Defined 2009

It’s likely we all know the events and stories for which 2009 will be remembered: global recession, the first year of Obama’s presidency, a seemingly endless stream of celebrity deaths, the stolen Iranian and Afghani elections and Japan’s historical shakeup, and Twitter’s penetration into almost everything. But when we look back at the year and remember the dance music artists whose significance was widely felt in 2009, whose faces and vinyl sides will spring to mind? This is tricky territory to parse while still standing inside its confines, but a worthwhile pursuit nonetheless — if for no other reason than to see how accurate I am a few years down the line. The producers I chose made artistic decisions whose deep impact is still creating ripples now, perhaps into 2010. My list overlooks many influential artists (special apologies to STL, Fred P., Moritz Von Oswald, Appleblim, et al.) and shouldn’t be seen as necessarily an endorsement of each selected, but rather acknowledgment of their importance to the dance music climate created this year. Together yet apart, these individuals contributed to the broader narrative none of us can yet decode; here’s my attempt to make some sense of it.

LWE Podcast 25: Peter Van Hoesen

His name on the tip of many a techno aficionado’s tongue, Brussels’ Peter Van Hoesen is accountable for quite a few of the year’s most heart-racing records. With their reanimated bass lines, unremitting kick drums, and penetrating atmospherics, his productions have a functionality that can’t be denied and a presence that can’t be shaken — the perfect pairing for the “dark, sweaty venues” he mentions in the interview below. Meanwhile, choice remix recruitment and the recent release of Donato Dozzy and Cio D’Or collaboration “Menta” have upgraded his fledgling Time To Express imprint from Van Hoesen home base to a growing leader in harder techno. The busy producer, DJ, and sound engineer generously took the time to talk with LWE about his label, his work with Brussels’ contemporary dance community, collaborating with Donato Dozzy, and his upcoming album. Our 25th podcast, meanwhile, offers an exclusive example of Van Hoesen’s propulsive live sets and an ideal primer on the producer’s latest work.

Peter Van Hoesen, Face of Smoke/Continued Care

Midway through 2009, we’re no longer debating whether or not Peter Van Hoesen rates a divider card; we’ve moved on to narrowing down favorites for the year-end lists. With the year’s first three records sounding even more assured than the stuff that had everyone blubbering last year, Brussels’ techno mainstay isn’t just a promising up-and-comer anymore; he’s very much arrived. Dude’s even got a nickname in circulation courtesy of mnml ssgs, “The Hose,” although I think his last name actually rhymes with “boozin’.” The Komisch label managed to secure one of the latest of the the Hose’s stunners for its inaugural release, a record that doesn’t reprise the brooding, no-fuss techno of “Attribute One,” but is just as breathtaking.