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Introducing Big Black Headphones

We here at Little White Earbuds are known for bringing you reviews of the hottest new techno/house singles; but until now our purview has been limited to the present. With Big Black Headphones, a new column we’re starting, LWE’s reviewing staff has the chance to look back at oft-overlooked releases that had our hands in the air in years past. We want to see how once vital singles stack up in today’s crowded, fast paced world and trace the threads connecting the past and the present. Please join us in taking time to remember the past which laid the foundation for where we are today.

Introducing LWE’s Podcast Competition

LWE’s podcast series is a favorite feature of the site for readers, artists and staff alike, one of the few throwbacks to the halcyon days of our mp3 blogging youth. But it also means we rarely post mixes unless they’re part of the series, generally leaving it to blogs like mnml ssgs, Random Circuits, Infinitestatemachine […]

Sten live & Steve Mizek spins @ Sonotheque tomorrow

Dial Records manager and excellent producer in his own right, Sten/Lawrence makes his Chicago debut tomorrow night at Sonotheque (1444 W. Chicago Ave). LWE editor in chief, Steve Mizek, and event promoter cavarly (The Body Politic) will be providing support. Little White Earbuds is proud to sponsor this FREE event and we sincerely hope you […]

Barack Obama for President

Taking a break from techno/house, LWE’s editor in chief offers a few thoughts on the election. Unlike many democracies whose election seasons often resemble a month long sprint, America’s presidential campaigns have grown into epic marathons lasting up to two years. That may seem excessive on the face of things, but it’s proven a great […]

Introductions are in order (the Per Bojsen-Moller edition)

Hi, my name is Per Bojsen-Moller. I’m a half Danish, half New Zealand guy living in London doing my best to survive amidst what I am told is a knife crime infested, credit crunched, queuing obsessed city. I have been a writer of sorts since the mid-nineties and a DJ for several years longer. My […]

Win 2 tickets to see Larry Heard, Cassy, Jus-Ed @ Fabric

Photo from Club Transmediale Fabric sure knows how to spoil you Londoners rotten. This Saturday they play host to a jealousy-enducing line up of legendary DJs and legends in the making: In room one you’ve got Craig Richards, Cabanne (live), Jus-Ed and Cassy. In room two is Terry Francis, Chicago’s own Kate Simko (live), and […]

Introductions are in order (the Jeremy Cohen edition)

Hello, My name is Jeremy and I’m addicted to electronic music. I’ve lost my job, family and home due to my excessive and unrelenting desire to purchase, download, compile, list and argue about techno and house. My roommates could no longer bear to listen to me nitpick about the production on the latest Ricardo Villalobos […]

Introductions are in order (the Todd Hutlock edition)

Greetings all — I’m guessing my name will be familiar to at least a few of you, as I’ve been at this writing game for a little while now. I used to be an editor at Alternative Press magazine (yes, I know, I know…), then at Stylus, where I was also a contributor to the […]

Osborne invades Chicago

Just a quick reminder that LWE fave Osborne is playing tonight at Sonotheque, 1444 W. Chicago Ave. He’s supported by Kill Memory Crash and Michna. Starts at 9pm and is completely free! Hope to see you there.

City Council Considers Ordinance Extorting Promoters

Chicago’s City Council votes this Wednesday, May 14th on a proposed ordinance which would require promoters of live events to hold a promoter’s license. The city asserts the ordinance is a five years too late response to the stampede which killed 21 people at the nightclub, E2, holding promoters accountable for their events and making […]

Christian Prommer’s Drum Lesson Vids

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba6Xg_oS7iA] Josh Wink, “Higher State of Consciousness” My friend James pulled up these videos from the Sonar Kollektiv 10th anniversary party at which Christian Prommer happily schooled the audience. There’s a handful more of them, including “Rej,” “Beau Mot Plage,” and “Can You Feel It.” You can check them all out here. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ok7a0UM8ttA] Rhythim Is […]