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Little White Earbuds Presents Bambounou

Ahead of his American tour for the album, including a Chicago date this Friday at Primary, Bambounou reached out to LWE with a fresh mix of everything that’s been exciting him lately and divulged more about his career to date and making it big in the Dominican Republic.

Little White Earbuds Presents D’Marc Cantu

With his new alias Rival making its first appearance via a release on the Drone label, LWE decided to find out what D’Marc Cantu’s plans are for the pseudonym and quiz him over his fruitful collaborations. He also knocked up an exclusive, hour long mix that delves into his love of jakbeat, house, and techno.

Little White Earbuds Presents Ethyl & Flori

When the duo approached LWE with a sublime mix entirely made up of their own back catalog peppered with forthcoming and unreleased tracks we jumped at the chance to run it, hitting the guys up with a few questions in the process to find out more about the English DJ and production team.

Little White Earbuds Presents Cottam

Offered this “A Downer On A Dark Dank Day” mix from Paul Cottam, we jumped at the chance to feature it and get to know the respected UK producer.

Little White Earbuds Presents Fabrice Lig

LWE got in touch with Fabrice Lig to find out more about his new album album, his early days of clubbing in Ghent, and what he has gained from more than 20 years in the business. He also put together an exclusive mix for us that is his personal homage to the Detroit sound that has kept him inspired all these years.

Little White Earbuds Presents Norm Talley

LWE got in touch with the veteran DJ to talk about his upcoming projects and the incredible amount mix tapes he has recorded over the years. He also kindly gave us an exclusive mix of some of his favorite producers from Detroit and around the globe.

LWE Interviews Ashley Beedle

In a long conversation with LWE, a passionate Ashley Beedle talked about working with Horace Andy, the similarities between house music made in the 90s and the recent revival house sound, and why he’s enjoying his new residency at London’s Notting Hill Arts Club.

LWE Podcast 198: Jacques Greene

With a raft of exclusives and unreleased material, Jacques Greene turns it out over 70 minutes for your listening pleasure on LWE’s 198th podcast.

LWE Podcast 196: Bicep

Over the course of LWE’s chat with Bicep, we discuss media perceptions, their plans for their own label, and why it’s more fun tweaking a knob than clicking a mouse all the time. They also put together our 196th exclusive podcast, which they described as a collection of their latest acquisitions and fancies, and shows off their immaculate taste for house and techno.

Talking Shopcast with West Norwood Cassette Library Recordings

Hot out of West Norwood studios, Bob Bhamra mixed together our 20th Talking Shopcast feature with an exclusive clutch of freshly pressed dubplates and future classics.

LWE Podcast 195: Amir Alexander

Like a true artist, Amir Alexander took my questions and ran with them, giving us a deeper insight in to his music and purpose at the same time. He also put together our 195th exclusive podcast, which is about as good a way to start your week as I could imagine.

LWE Podcast 194: Rolando

LWE reached out to Rocha to find out more about his move to Europe and to ask what it’s like making one of the biggest techno tracks of all time. He treats us to an hour long mix of Detroit classics all put together with that special Motor City flair.

LWE Curator’s Cuts 32: Per Bojsen-Møller

LWE’s podcast producer, Per Bojsen-Møller, compiled Curator’s Cuts 32. We will post the tracklist later in the week, as the curator discloses and describes it as part of the podcast.

LWE Podcast 193: Appleblim & Komon

LWE jumped at the chance to speak to Appleblim & Komon, in the process finding out more about their personal studio habits, their outlook on their music and how a view of constant discovery has emboldened their productions. They also put together our 193rd exclusive podcast, which at a staggering 32 tracks and nearly two hours is going to keep fans of the pair very happy for a long time.

LWE Podcast 192: Marco Bernardi

LWE caught up with Marco Bernardi to find out more about his past, find out what his favorite keyboard jam is and to learn about his new Take The Elevator label. He was responsible for our 192nd exclusive podcast as well, which due to the sheer number of exclusives making up this sweltering hour and a half of techno, he has asked us to withhold the track list for. So for this week, put the anoraks down and just enjoy!

LWE Podcast 191: Ma Spaventi

With Ma Spaventi in demand both as a producer in his own right and an engineer, LWE managed to pop some questions to him as he made his way to a rather prestigious awards show. His exclusive mix takes in classic, freshly minted and unreleased techno, making the 191st in our series just as crucial as his impressive discography.

LWE Podcast 190: Octo Octa

Octo Octa put together our 190th exclusive podcast; an outstanding collection of house music and a truly sublime intro thanks to his light fingers and his dad’s own record collection.

LWE Podcast 188: Redshape

LWE got in touch with Kramer to talk about his relationship with his Redshape identity and how his production methods have changed over the years. As long term fans we were very happy to be presented with a recording of one of the producer’s formidable live sets from 2013, kicking off 2014 in fine style.

LWE Podcast 185: Vester Koza

LWE went in search of one of 2013’s most promising new arrivals to get the low-down on the method behind his work. He also mixed together our 185th exclusive podcast which is a mesmerizing, deeply submersive experience in late night techno and house music.

LWE Podcast 184: Benedikt Frey

LWE quizzed Benedikt Frey on his approach to music making, if having his own label gives him more freedom in what he releases, and whether we are likely to see a full length album from him soon. He also gave us our 184th exclusive podcast made up of scintillating exclusives and forthcoming tracks that shows his mastery in the studio also extends to the DJ booth.