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Industrial Resonance Pt. III: The Industrial Influences of Perc

In this third and final Industrial Resonance piece, LWE asks Ali Wells AKA Perc about his experiences with industrial music and common misconceptions on how the music is meant to be.

Download of the Week: Perc, Cash 4 Gold

This week’s download is a sneak preview of Perc’s first solo EP since his 2011 album, Wicker & Steel.

Forward Strategy Group, Labour Division EP1

Always proponents of inspired pairings, Perc Trax pits Factory Floor against Forward Strategy Group on the latter’s Labour Division EP1.

Ekoplekz, Westerleigh Works EP

With Westerleigh Works EP on Perc Trax, Ekoplekz presents some of his most accessible and enthralling work yet.

Jeff Derringer, Tarantula

Although Oktave founder/resident Jeff Derringer has relocated to Chicago, Tarantula serves as a reminder of New York’s contributions since the early ’90s.