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DJ Debriefing With Jason Kendig (Includes 8 Hour Mix)

Welcome to DJ Debriefing, a series of LWE features where we ask DJs about the music they’re actually playing, their processes, and their gear. Our latest interview subject is Jason Kendig, the San Francisco-based DJ best known as 1/4th of the Honey Soundsystem collective.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Miles

LWE sat down with Miles Whittaker last year for a lengthy chat about relocation, collaboration, cracked software, and much more.

LWE Interviews Marcus Mixx

LWE recently met up with Marcus Mixx, one of Chicago’s underground house heroes, to discuss the origins of his productions, his short stint managing Trax Records, and where he’s at today.

DJ Debriefing with John Osborn (Includes Exclusive Mix)

John Osborn reached out with an exclusive mix recorded at a secret location in Tokyo, so LWE decided to catch up with this sought after selector.

Little White Earbuds Interview Francis Inferno Orchestra

LWE caught up with Francis Inferno Orchestra via email to learn about dealing with success, his new label, Superconscious Records, and leaving home.

LWE Interviews Ashley Beedle

In a long conversation with LWE, a passionate Ashley Beedle talked about working with Horace Andy, the similarities between house music made in the 90s and the recent revival house sound, and why he’s enjoying his new residency at London’s Notting Hill Arts Club.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Efdemin

Phillip Sollmann’s work in computer music and drone under his birth name has long been distinct from his career as a DJ called Efdemin, but with his latest album, Decay, the two worlds are becoming ever closer. LWE talked to him recently about the merging of these two worlds, the Internet, and the history of electronic music.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Huerco S.

LWE caught up with Huerco S. in advance of his appearance this Friday at Unsound New York’s Mutual Dreaming party to talk about naivité, jungle, and just who exactly he is.

LWE Interviews Francis Harris

LWE interviewed Francis Harris via email to find out more about the thought process behind his complex sound design, which influences poked through on the album, and the ethos of his Scissor & Thread label.

LWE Interviews Samuel Kerridge

In the wake of his A Fallen Empire album for Downwards, Little White Earbuds caught up with Samuel Kerridge over e-mail to discuss its genesis and much more.

DJ Debriefing with DJ Sprinkles

Always outspoken about her experiences and processes, Thaemlitz spoke with LWE via Skype in advance of a tour for Francis Harris’ album release, and more immediately before her gig at Oval Space on October 25th.

DJ Debriefing with Edward

In anticipation of his gig at Smart Bar this Saturday alongside Oskar Offermann, we spoke with Edward about the records which make his sets special for himself and his audiences.

LWE Interviews Marcel Fengler

LWE caught up with Marcel Fengler recently to chat about making Fokus in Thailand, ballet, and his DIN project with Efdemin.

LWE Interviews Schwarzmann

LWE caught up with Henrik and Frank via Skype to discuss the roots of the project, why they value improvising, and if or when we can expect Schwarzmann releases.

DJ Debriefing: DVS1

In advance of back to back gigs at Output NYC this weekend, LWE got in touch with DVS1 to have a peek in his record bag and thumb drives.

LWE Interviews Jared Wilson

LWE caught up with Jared Wilson via e-mail to discover the history, method and mentality behind his prodigious output.

Recordkeepers: Johan Elgstrom of Bounce Audio

Our third Recordkeepers feature finds LWE staff writer Nick Connellan sitting down with Johan Elgstrom, owner and sole employee at Bounce Audio in Melbourne, Australia.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Cosmin TRG

LWE caught up with Cosmin TRG in the midst of a whirlwind tour and discussed originality, how his sophomore album came together, and navigating the international DJ lifestyle.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Radio Slave

In advance of his appearance at the Stop Making Sense festival, LWE were granted to the opportunity to converse with Matt Edwards via email. Might we suggest keeping a second tab open to Discogs while reading this interview, for reference sake.

LWE Interviews Steve Summers

In advance of his live PA this Saturday at Smart Bar, LWE caught up with Steve Summers about his recent shift towards the noisier side of things, his live set, and more.