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Soulphiction & Move D, In The Limelight

Having already crossed paths a couple times on wax, by way of splits and remixes and label connections, the team-up of collabo-keen auteurs David Moufang (Move D) and Michael Baumann (Soulphiction/ Jackmate) doesn’t come as much surprise. The first fruits of their labor (with further releases already mooted) find the duo mining a shared musical heritage for a miniature set of mild-tempered, organic house.

Reggie Dokes, Rain Redemptive Love EP

[Philpot] Once again Philpot has delivered a distinctive record with its latest release which comes from Reggie Dokes, a relative unknown whose bio touts his connection to Detroit techno and Derrick May. Although hearing about Motor City pedigrees has become a bit boring, it is interesting and a little sad to hear just how distinctive […]

Talking Shop with Philpot

Lawrence Philpot in action Welcome to the seventh edition of our series of short interviews affectionately titled Talking Shop. The majority of media and fan attention gets showered on the artists who create the music we love to listen to/DJ with/dance to, and for good reasons. But without the hard work, keen ears and business […]

Break SL, Laguna Seca

[Philpot] Accompanying the recent flood of nostalgia for the salad days of house music has been a return to the original tools which furnished the first wave. Cassy, Ben Klock and Prosumer/Murat Tepeli are a few producers who have harnessed the sound and abilities of 808s and 909s while doing more than treading water stylistically; […]

Pitto, Sexvibe

[Arearemote] Sex can be any number of things for its participants; but if the experience is up to par it can become all encompassing to the point one’s sense of time, restraint and self consciousness are thrown to the wind. Relative newcomer Pitto (Geurt Kersjes) has managed to capture that enraptured feeling with his latest […]