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LWE Podcast 10: Andomat 3000 retires this week

With a raft of unreleased material flowing through his controllers, Andomat 3000 crafted LWE’s 10th podcast. Make sure to catch this whiplash ride through the producer’s material before it retires this Friday, April 2nd at 10am CST.

LWE Podcast 08: Solomun retires this week

Head of Diynamic Music, Solomun, was charged with mixing up LWE’s eighth podcast and he did so with gusto and melodies to spare. Don’t miss your last chance to hear his mix as it retires this Friday, March 12th at 10 am CST.

LWE Podcast 02: dOP retiring this week

If you want to hear the Parisian trio’s first ever podcast, an eclectic and compelling mixtape spanning the entirety of their record collections, make haste and download LWE Podcast 02 now. It will be retired Friday, January 15th at 10 am (CST).

LWE Begins Retiring Its Early Podcasts

As LWE’s podcast series approaches the second anniversary of its inauguration, we thought now was the time to let the mixes which launched the series in March 2008 to briefly shine again, and then retire them. Although they cost only your time and bandwidth, these podcasts can be treasured, sought after bits, especially if they’re no longer available. So with each new podcast published we’ll be putting one from the front of the line in deep storage. We’re starting this week with #01, the banging, quickly paced mix from Detroit’s incomparable Terrence Dixon. On Friday, January 8th at 10 a.m. CST, we’ll remove the podcast from the server, so make sure to snap it up while you still can.