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BBH: South Street Player, (Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind

You’ll read a lot about how house music and in particular vocal tracks, lift you up, carry you along with a feeling, make you moist around the tear ducts. For me, most of that carries about as much weight as hearing kids in California harp on about P.L.U.R. back in the mid 90’s while they sucked on pacifiers and sported gargantuan, street sweeping baggy jeans. But I have to be honest that there are a select few vocal house tunes that can, to this day, send a shiver up my spine and have me dabbing at the corners of my eyes. Roland Clark’s South Street Player alias only graced two releases, but throughout his entire career that has spanned over twenty years this Strictly Rhythm release under that name is undoubtedly the highlight.

Urban Soul, Alright Remixes

[Juno Records] The house music revival and the Internet have offered DJs something of an all access pass to rifle through the genre’s dusty archives and play out their findings without hearing clubbers sniff about moldy oldies. For me, doing so has lent context to and exposed the contrasts between the modern deep house being […]