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Phonogenic, The Raw Deal

The Raw Deal is a set of four immense, restless, and meticulously produced deep house tracks almost on par with Andre Lodemann’s masterful Don’t Panic EP on the label.

Marino Berardi, Best Intention EP

Marino Berardi’s first claim to fame was being among the first Belgian-based producers to be licensed by a notable American house label when his Expression In E-Dub single was picked up by Wave Music. But that was in 2000; and despite a string of solid if not stellar singles for Ovum, Fresh Fruit and more — not to mention that MB Recordings was built to host his tracks — dance music buyers let past accomplishments recede into back catalogs without a second thought. Berardi has since begun the second act in his musical career with a few tracks for Phil Dairmount’s surprisingly underrated Room With A View label. This renewed push is accompanied by a noticeable shift in Berardi’s sound, moving away from the sometimes bland palette which dulled his often rigorous arrangements. Collaborations with Dairmount on RoomWAV comps Perspectives 01 and 03 suggested an interest in orchestral source material; and on the Best Intention EP, Berardi’s first solo release since 2007, his examination of this inspiration yields what’s sure to be another career highlight. It’s also backed by remixes from Pezzner and Christo.