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Midland, Archive 01

On Archive 01, Midland unexpectedly returns to sounds which served him well in the past and roughs them up for 2013.

Lee Jones, The Moose Mingles EP

The Moose Mingles EP is something of a return to form for Lee Jones, hitting many of the same notes as past Aus Music releases with contemporary accents.

Sailor Mood/Summed & Dot, Brick Brick Brick/East Brick Wall

All Inn splurged for its last 2011 release — a remix single by two of 2011’s biggest names, Kassem Mosse and DJ Qu.

Planetary Assault Systems, The Messenger

The Messenger finds Planetary Assault Systems pulling back on the throttle after the all out blitzkrieg that was 2009’s Temporary Suspension.

Jullian Gomes ft. Bobby, Love Song 28

It’s somewhat audacious that South African producer Jullian Gomes decided to make his solo debut with “Love Song 28,” a track so pillowy soft it’s not far removed from a lullaby.

Morning Factory, Sultans of Swing EP

Still a step removed from the rest of their catalog, Morning Factory’s Sultans Of Swing EP does an exemplary job summarizing what makes them so intriguing.

Simon Baker, Grey Area Remixes

Grey Area, the second single from Simon Baker’s Traces album, affirms that there’s more to this UK producer than mega club-ready tech-house.

Lucky Paul, Lucky Paul Remixes

Realizing the full potential of the Money Vs Gold remix of Lucky Paul, Wolf+Lamb chose to re-release the remix along with another Lucky Paul original, this time reworked by label stalwart Greg Paulus.

LWE 2Q Reports 2011: Overrated

For LWE’s final 2Q Report, Anton Kipfel examines five of the year’s most overrated records thus far.

George FitzGerald, Silhouette EP

The Silhouette EP, brings together a growing talent of UK house, George FitzGerald, and another fan of asymmetric house, John Roberts.

Oliver $, Doin’ Ya Thang

The most audacious example of riding Moodyman’s coattails is undoubtedly Oliver $’s Doin’ Ya Thang, a record that swiftly admits it has nothing to offer besides extended samples of a Moodymann DJ set.

Anthony Collins, Don’t Look Down Now

Don’t Look Down Now revises Anthony Collins’ emotive, organically flavored aesthetic to slot in among early evening sets and comes complete with an equally unhurried remix by Roman Flügel.

The Chain, Lostwithiel EP

There are few better ways to summarize the recent trajectory of R&S Records than examining the brief discography of The Chain.

Julius Steinhoff, Out In the Woods EP

After testing the waters with a solo track on a Smallville split 12″, Julius Steinhoff strikes out on his own with the Out In the Woods EP for Geography Records.

Pitto, Where My Soul Is Now

Once an early adopter of a loop-heavy style, Pitto charts a new course with “Where My Soul Is Now” for the Green imprint.

Kenton Slash Demon, The Schwarzschild Solution Part III

Their well received The Schwarzschild Solution series for the imprint concludes with its strongest entry yet and is backed by two remixes from buzzed over Swedish producer Axel Boman.

Wireman, Monobloc

Monobloc is unmistakably the work of Wireman but perhaps more focused on techno than his followers might expect.

Various Artists, Mo 2 Meaux 2

The Mo 2 Meaux series features Drivetrain alongside burgeoning French talents such as CloudMasterWeed, Professor Inc and J. Garcia.

Various Artists, Uncanny Valley 002

Uncanny Valley 002 contains the debut of C-Beams, the collaboration of Break SL and Stefan Menzel, Credit 00, and new tracks by Korn and Cuthead.

Audio Werner, Story#005

After putting out the Meanwhile 2×12″ for Hartchef Discos, his longest work to date, Audio Werner closed 2010 with an EP for the Story imprint.