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LWE Podcast 66: Scott Grooves is archived this week

LWE’s 66th podcast came from the illustrious Detroit producer/DJ Scott Grooves. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, October 21st.

LWE Podcast 66: Scott Grooves

In our interview, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ Scott Grooves chalks up his tinkering nature, expansive discography and trio of personal labels to simply keeping busy. He also crafted LWE’s 66th exclusive mix which isn’t going to do any damage to his reputation as your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ.

Scott Grooves, Classic 909

Earlier this year, Detroit mainstay Scott Grooves launched a series of records in homage to the Roland gear crucial to the fertilization of techno. February brought the first installment, DeTRoit 808 — the best record I’ve heard all year. In its original version, “808” drew from both the retro novelty of its creation (produced on the titular analog drum machine) and the fluid funk streaming from Grooves’ mind. A technical demonstration from a producer of truly singular sensibilities, “808” was simply stunning. A pair of “Dub Delay” mixes, credited to Panther, teased a breaking-dawn mist from Grooves’ pads. Though Panther’s modifications owed little to what’s typically called “dub techno,” their bottomless-abyss echo and windswept textures were just what I hope for whenever I encounter the genre tag. The second installment (of a planned trilogy) takes on the twenty-five-year-old Roland 909.