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LWE Interviews Sherard Ingram

Sherard Ingram’s music and life have simply seen too much growth and change to permit easy characterization. Sure, a through-line connects the span of his work, but not one that parallels any single current of electronic music history. Tipping our hats to The Wire, Little White Earbuds eagerly turn to Ingram with some follow-up questions of our own.

Stingray313, Sphere of Influence/Sentiment

The elements at play are fairly minimal, but Stingray313’s Sphere of Influence/Sentiment encapsulates why people incessantly repeat “Detroit” like a mantra.

Alex Cortex/DJ Stingray 313, Soliton/Null Physics

Alex Cortex has recently announced his exit from techno music, citing (among other reasons) a lack of gigs and cool label interest. Don’t blame Dan Lodig or Art Vega, though. Three of the last five releases for their Pomelo imprint have showcased the diverse Cortex stylings. The latest of these finds Cortex working alongside kindred spirit Sherard Ingram, here assuming his DJ Stingray 313 handle.