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Zwischenwelt, Paranormale Aktivitat

Paranormale Aktivitat, the debut album from Zwischenwelt (Gerald Donald of Drexciya, Beta Evers, Penelope Martin, and Susana Correia), isn’t far removed from Donald’s legacy.

LWE Interviews Sherard Ingram

Sherard Ingram’s music and life have simply seen too much growth and change to permit easy characterization. Sure, a through-line connects the span of his work, but not one that parallels any single current of electronic music history. Tipping our hats to The Wire, Little White Earbuds eagerly turn to Ingram with some follow-up questions of our own.

LWE 2Q Reports: Top 5 Reissues

I could have filled this entire list with selections from RH, but with apologies to them, Mojuba G.O.D., the afore-mentioned Running Back, Styrax Leaves, Clone Classic Cuts, Delsin, Prescription Classics, Downwards, Alleviated and all the other labels that have been schooling me, you and anyone else too young, too ignorant or too poor to check these on the OG pressing, here’s an essential five.

Various Artists, The First Wave

With the sad passing of James Stinson of Drexciya some years ago, the dark aquatic electro sound of Detroit looked to be in decline, though in reality that has hardly been the case. Gerald Donald, the other half of Drexciya has kept busy with Dopplereffekt, Der Zyklus, and recording most recently under the name Heinrich Mueller. Sherard Ingram, aka DJ Stingray, sometime DJ for the mysterious outfit and member of Detroit techno supergroup Urban Tribe, has maintained the deep sea dwellers’ legacy through his own productions and now via his new Micron Audio label, which showcases a global community of like minded electro resistance fighters. The First Wave sampler throws up only one familiar name (apart from Stingray himself who features under the moniker DJS 313) in the shape of Aaron Atkins, nephew of Juan, who appears here under the name DJ XRAY. Other contributors include protégés from Greece, Italy, Belgium and Spain, all heavily reared on transmissions from the 313 area, which is surprising and heartening in equal parts given that some are barely out of their teens.