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DJ Debriefing with John Osborn (Includes Exclusive Mix)

John Osborn reached out with an exclusive mix recorded at a secret location in Tokyo, so LWE decided to catch up with this sought after selector.

LWE Podcast 102: DJ October vs. John Osborn is archived this week

LWE’s 102nd podcast, by DJ October and John Osborn, was a representation of the duo’s exciting take on house music and an introduction to the aesthetic of their TANSTAAFL label. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, September 28th.

DJ October, Planet Of Minds / Singularity Jump

That he’s credited as DJ October on Planet Of Minds / Singularity Jump, TANSTAAFL’s second 12″, hints at who might get the most out of this record.

LWE Podcast 102: DJ October vs. John Osborn

LWE’s 102nd exclusive podcast is the tangible solidification of the TANSTAAFL duo’s inspiring perspective on house music.

John Osborn, Epoch4

One for the purists, one for the futurists, John Osborn’s Epoch4 is his and October’s new label TANSTAAFL in a nutshell.