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Horsepower Productions, Quest For The Sonic Bounty

Quest for the Sonic Bounty, the third album by Horsepower Productions, is a layered and cavernous update of the early days of dubstep.

TRG, Decisions

[Tempa] Making his debut on Tempa after catching my ears with refreshingly steppy beats this past year, Cosmin Nicolae, better known as TRG, is pushing the sound forward by going way back in time. Many will compare the 2-step rhythms and ambient stabs to Burial, but a better reference point would be Horsepower Productions’ 2000-2002 […]

Headhunter, Nomad

[Tempa] I have to admit that it took me a while to warm to dubstep. The spare hypnotics of Shackleton and the inimitable, tinder dry soundscapes sculpted by Burial immediately appealed but then their interpretations on the medium are truly unique. It wasn’t until hearing the likes of TRG and Martyn that I opened up […]