LWE’s Top 25 Tracks of 2010 (5-1)

05. Actress, “Maze”
[Honest Jon’s Records] (buy)

Every year there are a run of artists who completely shake the foundations of music, mercilessly messing with your preconceptions of sound and style, extending a beckoning finger for you to join, follow or simply witness as they blast off into orbit. Actress sent out a clear mission statement earlier this year with the two EPs that preceded his second full length album, Splazsh, that he was approaching each release with the spirit of an explorer who sets out to conquer rather than return. Taken from the Paint, Straw And Bubbles EP but also appearing on Splazsh, “Maze” sets out in search of narcotized, sci-fi funk via 80’s video game theme music. Its demented, shuffling chug through marshy layers of pitched down, Drexciyan inspired electro reported that on his mission, Actress was conquering some far off, alien dance floor and he wasn’t leaving there until every last mind was turned on to his vision. (Per Bojsen-Moller)

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04. Tensnake, “Coma Cat”
[Permanent Vacation] (buy)

Click through to a couple Q&As and you’ll find Marco Niemerski describing “Coma Cat” as “catchy.” Let’s just say that the man who records as Tensnake favors modest understatement. This gleaming, housed-up rework of Anthony Malloy’s 1986 boogie hit “What I Like” was in heavy demand in January, and grew to an unavoidable crossover phenomenon by summer’s end, spilling over from dance floors and podcasts to MTV Europe and H&M in-store playlists. But it’s a testament to that aforementioned tendency to understatement that, despite the inundation of the track in all manner of trending media, those ubiquitous steel drums still brighten our eyes at year’s end. “Coma Cat” is a regular parade of clever retro signifiers, but it never winks. Meticulously and tactfully composed, it’s a tough track to date, with keyboard flourishes that stop short of irony, content to sound studiously just right. Yet it’s something more slippery than taste — and much simpler — that ranks “Coma Cat” among the year’s finest. It’s that it sounds bright, shiny and warm, and feels like a big toothy grin — a beckoning we’re helpless to resist. Okay, yeah… it’s catchy. (Chris Burkhalter)

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03. Elgato, “Blue”
[Hessle Audio] (buy)

Apart from a house tempo and intro/outro kicks, Elgato’s “Blue” hardly screams hot dance track. Rather, it showcases the true potential of “bass music” by layering wispy, shimmering, synthetic clouds atop a bottomless sub-bass rumble. The sparse, Impressionist piece that ensues quickly submerges the listener in the headiest narcosis, centered around a strained, floating “my dreams” mantra, the foil for the punishing sub-and-snare combination beneath. Elgato toys with this contrast throughout, at one point launching into a beatless breakdown that lasts the better part of two minutes. You can move to it, but I find it’s best appreciated as a sort of landscape — one of steely, nocturnal, lovesick desolation. An absolutely incredible, engrossing debut. (Steve Kerr)

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02. Kyle Hall, “Kaychunk”
[Hyperdub] (buy)

Too often Kyle Hall’s age becomes a deciding factor in how people rate the quality of his music. I’ll be the first to admit it was an angle I was quick to jump on when I first wrote about him. But a few years have passed since then and Hall hasn’t let his underage status guide his career. Sure we’ve seen an increase in his productions this year, but if you listen closely you can hear that Hall is trying to give us something different with each one. In the case of “Kaychunk” we got a piece that was very unique and truly special. Although at first its punch drunk rhythm of sputtering snares and skipping kicks seems like a muddle, the nimble bass line, flickering synth arpeggios and warm chords coalesce into a glorious jazz fueled flight. Its appearance on Hyperdub linked the release to London dubstep but it had much more in common with the city’s decades old broken beat scene while sharing a strong footing with forward thinking Detroit producers like Anthony “Shake” Shakir and Marcellus Pittman. In a year that held plenty of gold, “Kaychunk” was the nugget that could not be outshined. (Kuri Kondrak)

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01. Kassem Mosse, “Untitled”
[Laid] (buy)

One reason why Gunnar Wendel, better known as Kassem Mosse, has earned such a devoted following is his ability to synthesize the moods, rhythms, sound design, melodies and structures of several decades of electronic music in his own tracks. This was never more apparent than on his “Untitled” tune for Laid, a master stroke of densely layered progressions and patterns that summoned the essence of great works before it to create something entirely singular to Wendel’s aesthetic. Its phalanx of percussion crunches and slices with utmost precision, taking unexpected paths, hardly ever resting, and yet it never overwhelms its melodic counterparts or audiences. The interplay between its halcyon bells, smokey, swaying pads and beatific synth leads is positively ambrosial, each element gaining greater consonance by being heard together. Even the swirling, through-the-wormhole crowd noise book-ending the track is an essential element, a brief glimpse of humanity in the workings of a celestial machine. Heard through a club’s system, “Untitled” feels as if it were painted with broad, euphoric strokes; studied through headphones, it reveals intricately carved timbres and sonic details. In kind, it’s the sort of record DJs and home listeners treasure with equal relish. “Untitled” was the rare tune which cut across all sorts of personal tastes, appearing on nearly every LWE staffer’s ballot and besting all competitors by leaps and bounds. It is, without a doubt, the most essential track released in 2010. (Steve Mizek)

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Staff Lists:

Per Bojsen-Moller

01. James Blake, “I Only Know (What I Know Now)” [R&S]
02. Actress, “Maze” [Honest Jon’s]
03. NDF, “Since We Last Met” [DFA]
04. Mount Kimbie, “Before I Move Off” [Hotflush Recordings]
05. Kassem Mosse, “Untitled” [Laid]
06. Bakey Ustl, “A Tender Places” [Unthank]
07. LCD Soundsystem, “Hit” [DFA]
08. James Blake, “CMYK” [R&S]
09. Kassem Mosse, “We Speak To Those” [Nonplus Records]
10. Andrea, “You Still Got Me” [Daphne]
11. Nicolas Jaar, “A Time For Us” [Wolf + Lamb]
12. Pilooski, “AAA” [Rvng Intl.]
13. Ramadanman, “Glut” [Hessle Audio]
14. L.B. Dub Corp, “It’s What You Feel” [Ostgut Ton]
15. Portable, “Find Me” [Perlon]
16. Ron Deacon, “Secret Garden” (Lowtec Dub) [Farside]
17. FaltyDL, “Endeavour” [Planet Mu]
18. Axel Boman, “Purple Drank” [Pampa]
19. Conforce, “Love Hate” [Meanwhile]
20. John Roberts, “Lesser” [Dial]
21. Jon McMillion, “Love of Parking” (Juju & Jordash EWF Version)
[Nuearth Kitchen]
22. Red Rack’em, “In Love Again” [Untracked]
23. Anton Zap, “I Get No Kick From Champagne” [Ethereal Sounds]
24. Gold Panda, “You” [Ghostly International]
25. Joy Orbison, “The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow” [Aus Music]
26. DJ Koze, “Blume Der Nacht” [Pampa]
27. Vakula, “I Forget” (Juju & Jordash Vakula/Drakula Remix)
[Best Works Records]
28. Function, “Untitled” [Sandwell District]
29. Fred P, “On This Vibe” [Esperanza]
30. Ame, “Rrose Selavy” [Innervisions]

Chris Burkhalter

01. Hungry Ghost, “Illuminations” (Marcellus Pittmann Remix) [International Feel]
02. Protect-U, “Double Rainbow” [Future Times]
03. Tensnake, “Coma Cat’ [Permanent Vacation]
04. Kassem Mosse, “Hi Res” [Nonplus]
05. Kyle Hall, “Kaychunk” [Hyperdub]
06. Kassem Mosse, “Untitled” [Laid]
07. Shake, “Frayed” [Fit]
08. Zak Khutoretsky, “Polyphonic Love” [Transmat]
09. Quest, “Smooth Skin” [Deep Medi Musik]
10. Alex Smith, “Here With Me” [FXHE]
11. Fred P, “On This Vibe” [Esperanza]
12. Actress, “Maze” [Honest Jon’s]
13. Black Jazz Consortium, “Applied Vibes” [Laid]
14. Actress, “Purrple Splazsh” [Honest Jon’s]
15. M. Pittman, “Erase The Pain” [Fit]
16. Moody, “It’s 2 Late 4 U & Me” [KDJ]
17. Reggie Dokes, “Until Tomorrow” [Royal Oak]
18. Move D, “Your Personal Healer” [Uzuri]
19. Crue-L Grand Orchestra, “(You Are) More Than Paradise”
(Theo Parrish Translation Long Version 1) [Crue-L Grand Records]
20. Reggie Dokes, “Mother Africa” [Deep Explorer]
21. Mark du Mosch, “Revenger” [Cyber Dance]
22. Urban Tribe, “Insolitoligy” [Planet E]
23. Ramadanman, “Work Them” [Swamp 81]
24. Pinch, “Croydon House” [Swamp 81]
25. Conforce, “The Land of the Highway” [Meanwhile]
26. Juju & Jordash, “Tattoo’s Island” [Philpot]
27. Jitterbug, “Thanx Spencer” [Uzuri]
28. Space Dimension Controller, “Journey to the Center of the Unknown Sphere” [Royal Oak]
29. The Godson, “Analog Love” [Rush Hour]
30. Daniel Stefanik, “#one” [Kann Records]

Steve Kerr

01. Elgato, “Blue” [Hessle Audio]
02. Horizontal Ground, “Snakes Cave” [Horizontal Ground]
03. Kowton, “Basic Music Knowledge” [Idle Hands]
04. Blondes, “You Mean So Much to Me” [Merok]
05. Falty DL, “All in the Place” [Rush Hour]
06. Jouem, “Dyad” [Just Another Beat]
07. T++, “Cropped” [Honest Jon’s]
08. Kassem Mosse, “Untitled” [Laid]
09. Bakey Ustl, “Tender Places” [Unthank]
10. Lowtec, “Untitled” [Workshop]
11. Roof Light, “Palm” [Millions of Moments]
12. Joe, “Claptrap” [Hessle Audio]
13. Teengirl Fantasy, “Cheaters” [Merok]
14. Vakula, “You Can Do” [Firecracker]
15. Stingray313, “Sphere of Influence” [Nakedlunch]
16. Ramadanman, “Don’t Change For Me” [Hessle Audio]
17. Andy Stott, “Tell Me Anything” [Modern Love]
18. Oni Ayhun, “OAR004-A” [OAR]
19. Milton Bradley, “Interdimensional Entity” [Prologue]
20. Instra:mental, “Let’s Talk” [Nakedlunch]
21. Ciara, “Ride” [LaFace]
22. Madteo, “Untitled” [Workshop]
23. LV, “Boomslang” [Hyperdub]
24. Morphosis, “Musafir” [M>O>S Recordings]
25. Actress, “Machine and Voice” [Nonplus Records]
26. Jody Breeze, “The Way I Move” [Ghettophiles]
27. Pional, “In Another Room” [Hivern Disc]
28. DJ Nate, “Imaburnhim” [Planet Mu]
29. Nuel, “Untitled (B2)” [Aquaplano]
30. Girl Unit, “Wut” [Night Slugs]

Anton Kipfel

01. KiNK, “Kiss the Sky” [Boe Recordings]
02. Oskar Offermann & Moomin, “Hardmood” [Aim]
03. Kassem Mosse, “Untitled” [Laid]
04. Roni Nachum, “Guest Service Shalom” [Fine Art Recordings]
05. Fred P., “On This Vibe” (Original Raw Mix) [Esperanza]
06. Tensnake, “Coma Cat” [Permanent Vacation]
07. Axel Boman, “Purple Drank” [Pampa Records]
08. LB Dub Corp, “It’s What You Feel” [Ostgut Ton]
09. Wax, “No. 30003 A” [Wax]
10. Kyle Hall, “Kaychunk” [Hyperdub]
11. John Roberts, “White” [Laid]
12. Seuil, “Blank Love” [New Kanada]
13. James Blake, “The Bells Sketch” [Hessle Audio]
14. Chaton, “+91 Ahead” (Quarion BKLYN Version) [Plak Records]
15. Marino Berardi, “Best Intention” [Room With A View]
16. Morphosis, “Musafir” [M>O>S Recordings]
17. Brandt Brauer Frick, “Bop” [The Gym]
18. Steffi ft. Elif Biçer, “Kill Me” (Instrumental Dub Mix) [Ostgut Ton]
19. Peter Van Hoesen, “Irrational X” [Exone]
20. Floating Points, “Shark Chase” [Eglo Records]
21. Nico Purman, “Chamomile” [Vakant]
22. Space Dimension Controller, “Mercurial Attraction” [R&S]
23. Chicago Skyway, “Resolution M” [Uzuri]
24. Ben Klock, “Compression Session 1” [Ostgut Ton]
25. Elgato, “Blue” [Hessle Audio]
26. Urban Tribe, “Program 5” [Mahogani Music]
27. Sigha, “Early Morning Lights” (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [Our Circula Sound]
28. Santiago Salazar, “Your Club Went Hollywood” (Aaron-Carl Remix) [Wallshaker Music]
29. Nicolas Jaar, “Don’t Believe The Hype” [Double Standard Records]
30. DJ Bone, “Sunday Morning” [Sect Records]

Kuri Kondrak

01. Kassem Mosse, “Untitled” [Laid]
02. Space Dimension Controller, “Journey to the Center of the Unknown Sphere” [Royal Oak]
03. Marcellus Pittman, “Razz 09” [Unirhthym]
04. Kyle Hall, “Kaychunk” [Hyperdub]
05. Lone, “Once In A While” [Werk]
06. Morphosis, “Musafir” [M>O>S Recordings]
07. FaltyDL, “All In The Place” [Rush Hour]
08. Big Strick, “Old E 800” [FXHE]
09. Red Rack’em, “In Love Again” [Untracked]
10. Arto Mwambe, “Love Lift” [Brontosaurus]
11. Juju & Jordash, “Tattoo’s Island” [Philpot]
12. Urban Tribe, “Insolitology” [Planet E]
13. Glenn Underground, “Ninja” [Rush Hour]
14. Fred P, “On This Vibe” [Esperanza]
15. Billy Love, “Can’t Keep Running Away” [Sound Signature]
16. Hungry Ghost, “Illuminations” (Marcellus Pittman Remix) [International Feel]
17. Gegenheimer, “21:4 (The IPS Prayer)” [Ratio? Music]
18. A Guy Called Gerald, “Conclusion In F Min Blue” [Laboratory Instinct]
19. Jaime Read, “Messages From Outerspace” [Elektrosouls]
20. Keith Worthy, “Rocket Science (K-Dub’s Motor City Mayhem Mix)”
[Aesthetic Audio]
21. FaltyDL, “Endeavour” [Planet Mu]
22. Caribou, “Sun” [Merge]
23. Andy Stott, “Tell Me Anything” [Modern Love]
24. 2 AM/FM, “Desolate Cities” [M>O>S Recordings]
25. Oni Ayhun, “OAR004-B” [Oni Ayhun Records]
26. Alex.O.Smith, “Plesetsk Cosmodrome” [FXHE]
27. Miles Sagnia, “Interplanetary Visitors” [Ornate]
28. Commix, “Strictly” (Kassem Mosse Needs To Feel Edit) [Metalheadz]
29. Conforce, “Shade” [Delsin]
30. Carlos Nilmns, “The BBQ (edit 2)” [Dontstop]

Chris Miller

01. Kassem Mosse, “Untitled” [Laid]
02. Ramadanman, “Glut” [Hemlock]
03. Levon Vincent, “Double Jointed Sex Freak” [Novel Sound]
04. Elgato, “Blue” [Hessle Audio]
05. STL, “Vintage Hunter” [Something Records]
06. Fred P., “It Is What It Is” [Strength Music]
07., “Snake Cave” [Horizontal Ground]
08. John Roberts, “White” [Laid]
09. Morphosis, “Musafir” [M>O>S Recordings]
10. Ramadanman, “Don’t Change For Me” [Hessle Audio]
11. Oni Ayhun, “OAR004 A” [Oni Ayhun Records]
12. Move D, “Aspiration 2010” [Soul People Music]
13. Joy Orbison, “The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow” [Aus Music]
14. Mount Kimbie, “Carbonated” [Hotflush Recordings]
15. Conforce, “Grace” [Delsin]
16. Pearson Sound, “Blanked” [Hessle Audio]
17. SCB, “20_4” [SCB]
18. A Made Up Sound, “Alarm” [A Made Up Sound]
19. Steffi, “Reasons” [Underground Quality]
20. Silent Servant, “SDSMP 2 A1” [Sandwell District]
21. Peter van Hoesen, “Closing The Distance/Toy Universe” [Time To Express]
22. Shackleton, “Man On A String” [Woe To The Septic Heart!]
23. Alex Smith, “Three Blind Rats” [FXHE]
24. Andy Stott, “Tell Me Anything” [Modern Love]
25. Addison Groove, “Footcrab” [Swamp81]
26. James Blake, “The Bells Sketch” [Hessle Audio]
27. 2 AM/FM, “Desolate Cities” [M>O>S Deep]
28. Space Dimension Controller, “Mercurial Attraction” [R&S Records]
29. DJ Qu, “Runwitit” [Underground Quality]
30. FaltyDL, “Filthy Divinity” [Planet Mu]

Steve Mizek

01. Kassem Mosse, “Untitled” [Laid]
02. Dexter, “Junofest” [Rush Hour Recordings]
03. John Roberts, “Ever Or Not” [Dial]
04. Gerd, “Friendly Fire” [Royal Oak]
05. Kyle Hall, “Kaychunk” [Hyperdub]
06. James Blake, “I Only Know (What I Know Now)” [R&S Records]
07. Steffi ft. Elif Bicer, “Kill Me” (Instrumental Dub) [Ostgut Ton]
08. KiNK, “Kiss the Sky” [Boe Recordings]
09. Joy Orbison, “So Derobe” [Aus Music]
10. Nebraska, “Arrondissement” [Rush Hour Recordings]
11. Space, “Deliverance” (Justus Köhncke’s Wild Pitch Mix) [Nang Records]
12. ceo, “White Magic” [Sincerely Yours]
13. Axel Boman, “Purple Drank” [Pampa Records]
14. Challenge, “Wind Up” [Marketing Music]
15. Pangaea, “Why” [Hessle Audio]
16. Tama Sumo & Prosumer, “Rareified” (Oliverwho Factory Remix) [Ostgut Ton]
17. Andre Lodemann, “Still Dreaming” [Freerange Records]
18. Jamie Woon, “Night Air” (Ramadanman Refix) [Candent Songs]
19. Jouem, “Drifting” [Just A Beat]
20. Elgato, “Blue” [Hessle Audio]
21. Ripperton, “At Peace” (I:Cube Tape Mix) [Green]
22. Oskar Offermann & Moomin, “Hardmood” [Aim]
23. Brandt Brauer Frick, “Bop” [The Gym]
24. Roska ft. Anesha, “I Need Love” [Rinse Recordings]
25. Oriol, “Coconut Coast” [Planet Mu]
26. Sebastien San ft. Aaron-Carl, “Faces” (Other Mix) [Room With A View]
27. Marcel Fengler, “Rapture” [Ostgut Ton]
28. Fudge Fingas, “MmmHmm” [Prime Numbers]
29. NDF, “Since We Last Met” [DFA Records]
30. Peter Van Hoesen, “Irrational X” [Exone]

Sarah Joy Murray

01. Moody, “Ol’ Dirty Vinyl (U Used to Know)” [KDJ]
02. Reagenz, “Dinner with Q” [Workshop]
03. STL, “Vintage Hunter” [Something]
04. Public Lover, “We Are” [thesongsays]
05. Shed, “44A (Hardwax Forever!)” [Ostgut Ton]
06. Lerosa, “Common Thief” [Further]
07. Steffi “Kill Me (Instramental Dub Mix)” [Ostgut Ton]
08. DJ Qu, “Party People Clap (Levon Vincent Remix)” [Deconstruct]
09. WAX, “Wax 003 – B” [Wax]
10. Moody, “It’s 2 Late 4 U And Me” [KDJ]
11. Schweiz Rec, “Untitled” [Workshop]
12. John Swing, “Always at Night” [Relative]
13. Ninca Leece, “Feed Me Rainbows” [thesongsays]
14. Sound Stream, “All Night” [Sound Stream]
15. Sun Ra, “Saga of Resistance (Theo Parrish Dub)” [Kindred Spirits]
16. Lowtec, “Untitled” [Workshop]
17. Skudge, “Convolution” [Skudge]
18. Nick Höppner, “Umbrella Pitch” [Ostgut Ton]
19. Jason Fine, “Control Voltage (Oni Ayhun Remix)” [Kontra Musik]
20. Romanthony, “Let Me Show You Love (Approach to Temple)” [Decks Classix]
21. Matthew Herbert, “Leipzig” [Accidental]
22. Space Dimension Controller, “Transatlantic Landing Bay” [R&S]
23. Redshape, “Drama” [Present]
24. Ruede Hagelstein, “Emergency” [Souvenir]
25. Ron Deacon, “Untitled” [Workshop]
26. Kassem Mosse, “Untitled” [Laid]
27. John Daly, “Big Piano” [Drumpoet Community]
28. Cologne Tape, “Render 4” [Magazine]
29. Oliver Deutschmann & James Blonde, “Milanese” (Quarion Remix)
[Falkplatz Limitiert]
30. KiNK, “E 79” [Ovum]

Keith Pishnery

01. Simian Mobile Disco, “Cruel Intentions” (Joker Remix) [Simian Mobile Disco]
02. Eskmo, “Lands and Bones” [Warp]
03. Slugabed, “Ultra Heat Treated” [Planet Mu]
04. Innerpartysystem, “American Trash” (Starkey Remix) [Red Bull]
05. Kuedo, “Starfox” [Planet Mu]
06. Rudi Zygadlo, “Resealable Friendship” [Planet Mu]
07. Untold, “Stop What You’re Doing” (James Blake Remix) [Hemlock]
08. Jus Wan, “Azure” [Pushing Red]
09. Kastle, “Better Off Alone” [Seclusiasis]
10. Chemical Brothers, “Swoon” [Virgin]

Jordan Rothlein

01. James Blake, “Footnotes” [R & S Records]
02. Ndf, “Since We Last Met” [DFA]
03. Pearson Sound, “Blanked” [Hessle Audio]
04. Storm Queen, “Look Right Through” [Environ]
05. Function, “Untitled (Sandwell District Sampler 1)” [Sandwell District]
06. Silent Servant, “Untitled (Sandwell District Sampler 2)” [Sandwell District]
07. John Roberts, “Porcelain” [Dial]
08. Fred P, “It Is What It Is” [Strength Music]
09. Sepalcure, “The Warning” [Hotflush Recordings]
10. Kyle Hall, “Kaychunk” [Hyperdub]
11. Nebraska, “Bar Stories” [Rush Hour]
12. Joy Orbison, “The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow” [Aus Music]
13. Oni Ayhun, “OAR004 A” [Oni Ayhun Records]
14. Mount Kimbie, “Maybes (James Blake Remix)” [Hotflush Recordings]
15. Shed, “No Way!” [Ostgut Ton]
16. Digital Mystikz, “Return II Space” [DMZ]
17. Elgato, “Blue” [Hessle Audio]
18. Shifty Science, “Love’s Not Fading (Earth House Hold Mix)” [Love’s Label]
19. Terrence Dixon, “Room 310 (Upperground Orchestra Supreme Present Mix)” [Meakusma]
20. Tin Man, “Stand By Me” [White Denim]
21. DJ Jus-Ed, “I’m Comin’ (Levon Vincent Mix)” [Underground Quality]
22. Sound Stream, “Wenn Meine Mutti Wüsste” [Ostgut Ton]
23. Sleigh Bells, “Tell ‘Em” [Mom + Pop]
24. Pangaea, “Sunset Yellow” [Hessle Audio]
25. Ramadanman, “Tempest” [Swamp81]
26. Cloudmaster Weed, “Com On N Join Us” [Soiree]
27. Mount Kimbie, “At Least (Instra:mental Remix)” [Hotflush Recordings]
28. Even Tuell, “Untitled (Workshop 11)” [Workshop]
29. Donato Dozzy, “Untitled (C1)” [Further Records]
30. Kanye West, “All Of The Lights” [Roc-A-Fella]

Andrew Ryce

01. Peverelist, “Better Ways Of Living” [Punch Drunk]
02. Ramadanman, “Don’t Change For Me” [Hessle Audio]
03. Actress, “Maze” [Honest Jon’s]
04. Mount Kimbie, “Maybes” (James Blake Remix) [Hotflush]
05. Instra:mental, “Let’s Talk” [[Naked Lunch]]
06. Addison Groove, “Footcrab” [Swamp81]
07. Hyetal, “Phoenix” [Orca]
08. Discreet Unit, “Shake Your Body Down” [Prime Numbers]
09. Kassem Mosse, “Untitled” [Laid]
10. Girl Unit, “Wut” [Night Slugs]
11. Martyn, “Is This Insanity?” (Ben Klock Remix) [3024]
12. Ramadanman, “Work Them” [Swamp81]
13. Scratcha DVA, “Natty” [Hyperdub]
14. Traversable Wormhole, “Closed Timelike Curve” (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [CLR]
15. ASC, “Reality Check” [Auxiliary]
16. Oni Ayhun, “004-A” [OAR]
17. Terror Danjah, “Reinforced” [RWINA]
18. Illum Sphere, “Titan” [3024]
19. T Williams, “Afric” [Local Action]
20. DJG, “Time Is The Fire” [Transistor]
21. Downliners Sekt, “Selfish G” [Disboot]
22. Breach, “Fatherless” [PTN]
23. Aera, “Daidalus” [Aleph]
24. Dexter, “Junofest” [Rush Hour]
25. Pangaea, “Why” [Hessle Audio]
26. West Norwood Cassette Library, “What It Is” [WNCL]
27. Joy Orbison, “So Derobe” [Aus]
28. Brendon Moeller, “Close Up” [Delsin]
29. D.O.K., “Chemical Planet” [Butterz]
30. Peter Van Hoesen, “Irrational X” [Exone]

Jack Scourfield

01. oOoOO, “NoSummr4U” [Disaro]
02. Letherette, “In July Focus” [Ho Tep]
03. Midnight Magic, “Beam Me Up” (Jacques Renault Remix)
[Permanent Vacation]
04. James Blake, “CMYK” [R&S Records]
05. Tensnake, “Coma Cat” [Permanent Vacation]
06. Girl Unit, “Wut” [Night Slugs]
07. Swindle, “Airmiles” [Planet Mu]
08. Fritz Kalkbrenner, “Facing The Sun” [Suol]
09. Deadboy, “If U Want Me” [Numbers]
10. Darkstar, “Gold” [Hyperdub]
11. Kink, “Existence” [Ovum]
12. Addison Groove, “Footcrab” [Swamp 81]
13. xxxy, “This Much” [Fortified Audio]
14. Balam Acab, “Regret Making Mistakes” [Tri Angle]
15. Rudi Zygadlo, “Resealable Friendship” [Planet Mu]
16. Joe, “Claptrap” [Hessle Audio]
17. Submerse, “Hold It Down” [Well Rounded]
18. Ramadanman, “Work Them” [Swamp 81]
19. oOoOO, “Burnout Eyess” [Tri Angle]
20. DJ Rashad, “Who Da Coldest” [Planet Mu]
21. Debruit, “Nigeria What?” [Civil Music]
22. Jamie Woon, “Night Air” (Ramadanman Refix) [Candent Songs]
23. Ikonika, “Idiot” [Hyperdub]
24. Lone, “Pineapple Crush” [Magic Wire]
25. Pantha du Prince, “Stick To My Side” [Rough Trade]
26. Illum Sphere, “Titan” [3024]
27. MMM, “Nous Sommes MMM” [MMM]
28. FunkinEven, “Heart Pound” [Eglo]
29. Aeroplane, “We Can’t Fly” [Eskimo]
30. Daedelus, “You’ve Heard” [All City]

veloziped  on December 17, 2010 at 2:06 AM


Pinker Than Thou  on December 17, 2010 at 8:22 AM

Lots of great tracks there. Beats the shit out of the RA list anyway. Surprised Porcelain by John Roberts only made one contributor’s list, but it is an album track I guess.

Joseph Hallam  on December 17, 2010 at 12:59 PM

A solid overview of the year. My selections would be, in no order;

Jus-Ed – ‘I’m Coming'(Levon Vincent remix)[Underground Quality]
Harmony Funk – ‘Cant Let You Go'[Clone JFD]
Head High – ‘It’s A Love Thing’ (Piano Invasion)[Power House]
June – ‘A1’ [June01]
Kassem Mosse – ‘Untitled’ [Laid]
Simon Hinter – ‘Nightlights’ [Phil000]
Fred P – ‘On This Vibe’ [Esperanza]
John Heckle – ‘Life On Titan’ [Mathematics Recordings]
Hackman – ‘More Than Ever’ [Ramp Recordings]
Ksoul & Muteoscillator – ‘Militant Soul’ [Kinda Soul]
Automatic Tasty – ‘I Can See Your House From Here'[Lunar Disko Records]
Ben Klock – ‘Subzero’ (Function Regis Remix)[Ostgut Ton]
Steffi – ‘Reasons’ [Underground Quality]
George FitzGerald – ‘The Let Down’ [Hot Flush]
Alessandro Izzo – Il Fragile [Mathematics Recordings]
Portable – ‘Find Me’ [Perlon]
Braiden – ‘The Alps’ (Kassem Mosse Edit) [Doldrums]
John Swing – ‘Always At Night’ [Relative]
Dark Sky – ‘Leave’ [Ninja Tune]
John Roberts – ‘Porcelain’ [Dial]
Sepalcure – ‘Love Pressure’ [Hot Flush]
Breach – ‘Fatherless’ [PTN]
Boo Williams – ‘Mortal Trance’ [Rush Hour]
Bruce Ivery – ‘Things I Want'(A2)[Stilove4music]
Ron Deacon – ‘Untitled’ [Workshop 10]
Modeselektor – ‘Art & Cash’ (SBTRKT Remix)[Fifty Weapons]
John Swing – ‘Unknown Feeling’ [LiveJam]
Marcel Fengler – ‘RazKaz’ [Ostgut Ton]
Ramadanman – ‘Don’t Change For Me’ [Hessle Audio]
Emika – ‘Drop The Other’ [Ninja Tune]

mandem  on December 17, 2010 at 8:12 PM

joseph, you just parred urself bruv

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk  on December 21, 2010 at 8:36 PM

Hey I would give you my tunes of the year but you will have to check it out here:


João Mamede  on December 23, 2010 at 4:05 PM

Well it’s a great list indeed, but I’d add this track:


These guys are great and although their previous releases were absolute incredible this one really puts them in other league!

cz  on January 3, 2011 at 10:23 PM

@Joseph Hallam, whoever you are, thank you for hipping me to this, which i can’t figure out how i slept on


cz  on January 3, 2011 at 10:38 PM

what’s really uncanny about this is that of my pending (and still to be pared) down top 40 singles of 2010, only seven are on any of the above charts. i really expected more overlap.

dj smallisto  on January 25, 2011 at 8:21 AM

sorry i’m so disappointed all this sounds kak to me, but hey maybe its because i’m in south africa.
next time


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LWE Podcast 70: Elgato | Little White Earbuds  on December 10, 2011 at 12:48 AM

[…] in his tracks “Tonight” and “Blue” (the latter of which stunningly grabbed the #3 spot in LWE’s top tracks list). That the programming of this mix makes so much room for not-always-appreciated music at the […]

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