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LWE’s Top 25 Tracks of 2013 (5–1)

Little White Earbuds April Charts 2013

01. Chicago Skyway, “Pink Donut” [Altered Moods Recordings]
02. Shwet Musali, “All Fucking Night” [Don’t Be Afraid]
03. Virginia, “Loch & Hill” [Ostgut Ton]
04. Royal Crown of Sweden, “Vänern” [Proibito]
05. Doc Daneeka, “Day By Day” [2020 Midnight Visions]
06. Murat Tepeli, “The Jazz Funk” [ava.]
07. KMFH, “Crushed” [Wild Oats]
08. DJ Sotofett Feat. Madteo, “There’s Gotta Be a Way” (Vision of Love Club Mix) [Wania]
09. Mr. Beatnick, “Symbiosis” Don’t Be Afraid]
10. Omar-S, “It’s Money In The ‘D'” [FXHE Records]

KMFH, The Boat Party

The Boat Party, Kyle Hall’s first full-length, offers him a chance to consolidate the assorted aspects of the sound he’s been developing since 2007.

Download of the Week: Kyle Hall, Untitled

This week’s download is a deep house evergreen from Detroit’s own Kyle Hall.

Da Sampla, Westside Sessions

Anthony “Shake” Shakir’s rarest EP as Da Sampla gets reissued alongside a 7″ of newly released material as Westside Sessions, care of Kyle Halls’ Wild Oats imprint.

LWE’s Top 25 Tracks of 2010 (5-1)

Brackles, Songs For Endless Cities

Techno, hip-hop, dubstep and funky all make appearances on Songs For Endless Cities and Brackles treats them all the same, creating one groove line throughout the hour.

LWE’s Movement 2010 Review

As May rolls around each year, many dance music fans in America and around the world instinctively reach for their wallets and begin making preparations for Detroit’s annual electronic music festival, Movement.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Kyle Hall

Save your free pass for another youngster: Kyle Hall gets by perfectly fine on his own merits. Boundlessly optimistic and precocious to boot, it was my pleasure to speak with Hall in advance of his Movement ’10 appearance about his passion for the visual arts, how he’s dealt with success, and the future as he sees it.

DOTW: The Hundred In The Hands, Dressed in Dresden (Kyle MF Hall Remix)

Warp wisely recruits Detroit’s latest rising star, Kyle “MF” Hall, to remix dance punk duo The Hundred In the Hands’ “Dressed In Dresden.”

Jimmy Edgar, Hush

As is perhaps expected from a multi-alias producer who started releasing music in his teens, Jimmy Edgar’s catalog has variously shifted styles, ranging from glitchy instrumental hip-hop to sleazy electro funk/IDM crossovers. Now in his twenties, Edgar seems to be attempting to subdue his manic tendencies.

Space Dimension Controller, Journey to the Core of the Unknown Sphere

Jack Hamill can be forgiven for his cosmically comical references, from the outer-planetary names he gives his music to the cover art that looks like it was beamed direct to Earth some time in the early 80’s. He can be forgiven these things because it doesn’t hide any of his incredible talent, which becomes very clear upon first listening to one of his releases.

Kyle Hall, Kaychunk/You Know What I Feel

In a city with a rich and diverse cultural heritage like Detroit, it’s not difficult to understand how so many of its native electronic music producers have avoided being penned into a single genre like techno. Following in the footsteps of artists like Kenny Dixon Jr. and Anthony “Shake” Shakir, Theo Parrish and Omar-S, young turk Kyle Hall is the latest to throw off the yoke of listener expectations and create without concern for categories. Hall was raised by a creative clan who engulfed him in house music at an early age and fostered his innate talents with an education at the Detroit School for the Arts. Add to that unfettered access to a world’s worth of music care of the Internet (something his predecessors could only dream of) and you’ve got a free-thinking, well-equiped producer for whom genre boundaries are as outmoded as landline phone service. So far in his relatively brief discocraphy he’s offered everything from delectable house melodies and grinding techno grooves to loose-limbed hip-hop beats and sprawling jazzy excursions. The genrebusters at Hyperdub proved keenly aware of his capabilities when they asked him to remix Darkstar’s “Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer” and positively prescient in nabbing him for his own 12″, Kaychunk/You Know What I Feel. It’s easily his most accomplished release to date.

Darkstar, Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer

For those keeping close tabs on Darkstar, Hyperdub, or the broader “dubstep etc.” community, there’s a sense of “it’s about time” in the ship date of “Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer.” Landing in shops this month both on Hyperdub’s fifth anniversary compilation and as the advance single of an eventual Darkstar album, the track’s been floating around on Internet and radio for some time. If you’ve not heard it already, count on more of the bouncy bass lines, spare percussion, 8-bit keyboards and digitized vox that made the duo’s woozy, chilly “Need You” a crossover hit last year. Brace yourself, though, for a sweeter and much more melancholy pop song this time around — albeit a cool, depersonalized one.

Bsmnt City Anymle Kontrol & Kyle Hall, The Perfekt Sin

You’ll find Kyle Hall’s records filed under “house,” but the music of this protégé of Rick Wilhite, Mike Huckaby, and Omar S has just as much to do with funk, jazz, hip-hop, and R&B. An unkempt braid of diverse influences and bright-eyed talent, this record — Hall’s second release for his own Wild Oats imprint and his fifth overall — resists categorizations as pat as “deep house.”

LWE 2Q Reports: Top 5 Breakout Acts

One of the great joys of going to your local record shop (or, er, scrolling through menus of WhatPeoplePlay) is the anticipation, nay, expectation of discovering something or someone you had never hear of before. As Innervisions boss Dixon says of their bright young hope, Culoe de Song, “Sometimes tracks appear from somewhere you would never expect.” So far, 2009 has been no different, with a host of fresh and (more often than not) astonishingly young talent breaking through. Narrowing it down was a tough job, but here are five artists that have sent our radar haywire in the last six months.

Kyle Hall, Worx of Art EP 1

The Martinez Brothers may get all the press, but house music’s real boy wonder is 17-year-old Detroiter Kyle Hall. Last year’s “The Water is Fine EP” on Moods & Grooves already showcased a producer capable of crafting distinctive, affecting deep house in the tradition of Theo Parrish, Omar S, Rick Wilhite, and Hall’s mentor Mike Huckaby. “Worx of Art EP 1,” the inaugural release on Hall’s own Wild Oats label, makes it clear the previous record was no fluke and that his is a career worth following.