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DVS1 is an American producer who makes his bones in Europe, counting his closest contemporaries as those who soundtrack Berghain’s Sundays. Given this robust globalization, it’s no wonder that he’d encounter a clip of talented producers along his path. And such hobnobbing is on display via Mistress Recordings, his sublabel that has built quite the resounding catalogue in less than a year of existence by featuring releases from U.S.-, UK-, and Germany-based artists. The same robust globalization, however, has proved consequential, hindering his own production rate as of late. But as he revealed in our mid-2013 DJ Debriefing, that’s poised to change. “You know, I’m finally finding the pleasure in writing music, so I want to find more time for it,” he told us at the time. As such, we arrive at HUSH02: a pair of tracks largely void of anything begetting his referenced “pleasure,” but nevertheless a welcome return to form.

“Lost Myself” picks up where his only prior HUSH release left off. That was 2011 and if there’s one thing that’s immediately clear, it’s that he hasn’t lost his defining edge in the interim. Built off a chug that resembles Robert Hood at his most pointed, it’s tidy and unrelenting with a bulbous lick pining through a sturdy kick-clap combo. More impressive, though, is “S.O.S.” Bloated in all the right places, the track bounces and churns and snarls across its nine-minute duration. There a glut of included components, but they’re arranged in such a steadily streamlined manner that it holds an even impression of dread throughout. There’s no reinvention of the wheel on display; both tracks lump forward with a staid aplomb, never wavering nor journeying much in their respective runtimes. But if it’s confident techno you’re seeking — the sort that can ensnare an entire room from the jump –both cuts should meet your needs nicely.


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