DJ Koze, Amygdala Remixes II

[Pampa Records]

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Much like DJs making their own extended edits or dancers crying out for one more tune at lights on, DJ Koze prolonged the afterglow of his widely adored 2013 Amygdala album with two remixes packages. Following reworks by Matthew Herbert and Efdemin, the second shift crew of Roman Flügel and Robag Wruhme continue to wring magic from Koze’s originals at the same high caliber as their predecessors.

Flügel’s remix concentrates the scattered elements of the title track into a mostly smooth, gently burbling stream of sound, only a four note melody jumping up so regularly it recalls a fountain on a timer. His signature, jazz-like synth solo segues into a more dynamic second half where Milosh’s honeyed vocals and mallet runs jangle in the air, nodding to the original before diving back into the stream. Wruhme’s “Broky Frumu Rehand” of “Nices Wölkchen” is closer in spirit to the original, content to let details run wild and break into the deep, bass-driven pulse to make space for Apparat’s soaring vocals. Still, it’s considerably more floor-friendly — dreamy but driven along a clear path. Koze and Wruhme are certainly kindred producers, and this remix feels like the fraternal twin who’s a natural dancer. In kind, it’s probably the record’s most valuable cut. One walks away from this second batch of remixes feeling like afterglow of Amygdala could last forever if Koze wasn’t so discerning in his choice of remixers. Instead we get to stretch it out ourselves as long as we keep them in our crates.


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