Efdemin, Métisse 2.5


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Some two years after the original release of “Acid Bells,” Efdemin’s subtle and refined piece of minimalism, Martyn gets his hands on it and takes it to a whole new level. This had apparently been in the works for some time but was held off until Martyn’s full length was released. While you can hear the unmistakably bold drums employed by the Dutchman in his “Dark Mix,” there’s not a lick of the sweet pads and soothing textures that proliferated Great Lengths. Instead, Martyn heightens the percussion, adding densely packed tribal elements on top of the metallic bells from the original and fires up a barely contained bass line, like a monster come down from the hills to frighten the poor village folk. Uneasy strings are drawn out and just seem to hang in the air, adding tension to the track, playing off the brash sound of the bells.

Martyn’s “Bittersweet Mix” on the flip is a beatless, piano led affair that keeps remnants of the muffled bells in the background, with atmospheric washes of rain and particles of voices plumping up the track. Indicative of the title it’s hardly a warm or friendly mix, but the melodies for all their forlornness are arranged beautifully. What I’m really digging about this hot little blue-marbled 10″ is while it’s another bullseye for Martyn, it’s completely unlike his other material. Creating a remix with his “Bittersweet Mix” that manages to sit just outside dubstep, techno or breaks, yet encapsulates all three is going to get this track a lot of well deserved play.

scott  on June 19, 2009 at 4:23 PM

Nice. I could imagine this mixing perfectly with Philip Sherburne’s “Lumberjacking.”

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