Guy Noir, Delusion EP

[District of Corruption]

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With a name that hints at subversive acts of espionage, Guy Noir (George Tsioutsias and Gower Ramsey) drop their second EP on the District of Corruption label, and suitably it is a cloak and dagger-themed affair. While the first Noir EP, “Flex” resonated well with DJs, it seemed more of a cerebral release, heavily laden with its own atmospheric glitches and minimalist detritus. “Delusion” makes a strident leap towards the dance floor by stripping everything back to a more forceful, simplistic and effective level, adding a cracking Argy remix in the process.

Argy’s “Big Room Dub” is unsurprisingly fitting for a cavernous space; the reverbs and delays of the percussion alone are like a mushroom cloud, expanding outwards whilst sucking up anything in their path. The ominous stabs pack considerable weight and menace, lending themselves perfectly to the air of subterfuge, helped along by the resonant whooshes of noise sweeping through the mix like a trade wind. I’m really looking forward to hearing this on a big system where full justice will be given to the sense of depth and space that Argy creates. The original, “Delusion (I Can’t Sing)” keeps a seditious tone about it, the vocal flecks used have a conspiratorial edge to them and an overall feeling of uneasy neurosis pervades. More effect-filled than Argy’s mix, the original works the percussion angle, creating scraps of melody from chimes and high pitched drums. Dark, tough and made for serious sneaker squeaking, this is an excellent second release from Guy Noir.


Little White Earbuds » Little White Earbuds November Charts  on December 4, 2008 at 9:30 PM

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