Kenton Slash Demon, The Schwarzschild Solution Part III

[Tartelet Records]

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Made up of Jonas Kenton and Silas Moldenhawer, the Danish duo Kenton Slash Demon marry an appreciation for dance floor techno with the pop songwriting instincts they utilize as members of synth poppers When Saints Go Machine. After a two records for Aroma, the pair hit their stride and found wider audiences upon joining forces with their compatriots at Tartelet Records. Their well received The Schwarzschild Solution series for the imprint concludes with its strongest entry yet and is backed by two remixes from buzzed over Swedish producer Axel Boman.

From the start of “Daemon” it’s evident that KSD prize sound design above DJ utility, as its bustling blend of textures warms the air in lieu of kicks or hi-hats. The track snaps into floor mode once its rich bass line drops into place, accompanied by winsome vocals from WSGM member Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild and Bear In Heaven’s Jon Philpot. Fans of the Caribou’s Swim will likely appreciate how it’s worthy of club play but not bound to it. Boman’s “Epic” remix idles outside crossover territory, swapping in a bevy of unruly strings and tiptoeing syncopated percussion. At once more atmospheric and amenable to DJs, his dub mix takes advantage of swelling bass tones to form something worthy of a warm-up set. Despite the middling remixes, The Schwarzschild Solution Part III is a fitting denouement that suggests Kenton Slash Demon’s next story arc will be worth following closely.


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