Leif, Remember

[Boe Recordings]

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With the success of Leif Knowles’ first collaboration with vocalist Donna Lea on the Priority EP for Fear of Flying, it’s little surprise he’s kept her close for his next act, Remember. Arriving on the lightly buzzed about Boe Recordings, the record is substantially peppier than its more lyrical predecessor. Gaining serious pop from the cobblestone arrangement of Lea’s syllables, the title track is most effective when slathered in slowly melting organ chords; the sections without sound somewhat mundane. When Azuni envelope the original vocals in their familiar rig of silky pads and bumping bass notes it’s almost indistinguishable from tracks on the Zurich-based duo’s 2008 album. That’s mostly a good thing, although the out-of-key titular vocals are more perceptible in such harmonious surroundings. The EP closes on “She’s Kooky” which less successfully recycles the vocal arrangement methods alongside thoroughly filtered progressions and could have easily been left off the record.

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