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Perseus Traxx, Misspent Emotions

Boe Recordings have lovingly pressed Perseus Traxx’s Misspent Emotions to limited, hand-stamped 180 gram vinyl, giving fans of Chicago/Detroit revivalism a new collector’s item to sit alongside their wax-stamped Future Flash records.

Leif, Remember

With the success of Leif’s first collaboration with vocalist Donna Lea on the Priority EP, it’s little surprise he’s kept her close for his next act, Remember.

Various Artists, Halal Prepared Vol. 1

In Islamic parlance, food that’s been prepared in accordance with Sharia law is designated as halal, similar to the Jewish distinction of kosher foods. So by naming its seventh release Halal Prepared Vol.1 London-based Boe Recordings sends a strong signal regarding the level of respect it affords to house music’s underground fore-bearers and traditions. Yet the three tracks on offer here from KiNK, Iron Curtis and Ladzinski are reverent rather than than obedient — clearly influenced by seminal house releases but more than devotional works of blind faith. It’s likely the critical difference that could earn this EP a place in record buyers’ baskets while its strictly traditional peers huddle on the shelves.