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Whatever impression you might have of Tiga’s label Turbo, drop it: it’s probably out of date. That’s because, especially over the past few years, Turbo has been entirely unpredictable, revealing a streak of genius and diverse A&Ring you might not expect from Tiga’s own music. The label’s latest comes with a stamped label in a plain white sleeve, and as you might have guessed, it’s a slice of unforgiving warehouse techno.

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There’s scarce info about Milano available on the Internet — it would appear he’s based in Montreal (who’s to say it’s not a Tiga alias?) — but “The Fall” speaks for itself. Instead of the hurtling-down-tunnels feeling so much modern techno seems to aspire towards, “The Fall” flows fluid and viscous like it’s bobbing along a riverbed. Anxious chords keep the watery surface permanently disturbed, and all bets are off when the track’s acid motif enters in, rubbing itself raw as it eagerly defines a melodic counterpart to the track’s rhythmic thrust. Before you groan, this isn’t your typical 2011 acid retro move: the synths here are smooth and glossy, influenced more by French electro by way of Gesaffelstein and Brodinski than Armando.

UK grime-cum-dubstep-cum-techno producer Untold is tapped for a remix, and delivers one not unlike the stiff, arch tracks he ended the year with on Clone. His mix pins a boxy thump onto the track, but unlike the grey and workman-like “Little Things Like That,” the original’s acid lines still squeeze through the cracks for an oddly pretty, singsongy final product that sounds little else like any other Untold — like he’s playing with modal jazz scales instead of simple chords. A little bit of mystery, a solid track and an unusual remix: whoever he is, Milano’s off to a good start.

anon  on January 11, 2012 at 6:16 PM

aka Toronto’s Mario J aka Unabomber in a new guise.

Spencer Dee  on January 16, 2012 at 2:09 PM

Mario J and Unabomber are different people.

Mario J is a two decade veteran of Toronto’s music scene, was a resident at Industry Nightclub (along with Art Department’s Kenny Glasgow) and is one half of the, now retired AD/D DJ crew.

Milano is a new alias of Mario J.

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