Rivet, Bear Bile


Rivet is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get. Since re-branding himself back in 2011, the artist formerly known as Grovskopa has been faithful to just three labels: Naked Index, Kontra-Musik, and Skudge Presents. His music, though, has been far more diverse than this information would imply, trading in such things as saw-wave funk (“Grifter”), fragile elegy (“Sleepwalker”), and neo-rave (“Driftwood”). In his past life, the Swede was an experimental techno artist, pushing stylistic boundaries. Rivet may be a more straightforward project, but its aims are no less demanding: to make every track from scratch, even if it means deleting favorite samples or VSTs.

Bear Bile, the project’s sixth 12″, showcases the continued success of this ascetic approach. It’s a rather neat summary of Rivet’s breadth thus far, as well. “Pt. 1” sees him continue on the aforementioned neo-rave path, blasting impassioned vocals through clusters of fat beats but gradually winding things down to an unusual (i.e. really interesting) cinematic close. “Pt. 2” sharpens the drums up for a more modern finish and curdles the mid-range with all sorts of nasty synthesis. These sides of Rivet are accomplished and great, clearly. But my favorite times are when he lets his heart run wild. The cheerful and psychedelic “Pt. 3” might be the best yet. Matched by a slow, steady rhythm, its acidic undercurrent lacks the tense edge the 303 usually imparts, and its syrupy hooks are utterly addictive. It’s not chocolate so much as it is a fructose-loaded syringe. In true Rivet style, though, it somehow feels neither cloying, nor out of place next to the heavier cuts.


Little White Earbuds February Charts 2014 – Little White Earbuds  on February 28, 2014 at 9:24 AM

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