San Laurentino, Forbidden Fruit

[Live At Robert Johnson]

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In keeping with his Romantic-sounding name, Hungarian producer San Laurentino’s disco-leaning slow house seems at least in part indebted to Italy’s cosmic/Italo lineage. Forbidden Fruit, his first EP for Live At Robert Johnson, collects four tracks of the best sort of starry-eyed disco-house, negotiating a line between pop and dreaminess that recalls the work of his new found labelmate Massimiliano Pagliara.

“Playmaker” is a slowly evolving, ethereal strutter, tangling a glimmering foreground arpeggio with smudgy, flighty key and synth arrangements. The title track features a similar interplay, but the effect is more tender, and its second half opens up into some very dreamy wooziness. The darker “Rainforest Hunters” almost stomps out its more pronounced rhythm, though its echoing claps are again only a foil for swirling melodies which end up engulfing everything. “Somewhere Under The Stars” is a languid finale, long and mesmerizing and splitting the difference between its predecessors, atop another old-school house indebted rhythm. It drags, but this style really does need room to breathe, and San Laurentino smartly lets it do just that. It’s a fine finish to an impressively smooth effort.

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