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Hotel Lauer, Brudis

Hotel Lauer, the duo of Philip Lauer and his brother Jacob, makes their debut on Live At Robert Johnson with the arpeggiated and infectious Brudis.

LWE’s Top 5 Labels of 2013

For our third year-end column, staff writer Harry Sword runs down LWE’s top 5 labels of 2013.

LWE Podcast 184: Benedikt Frey

LWE quizzed Benedikt Frey on his approach to music making, if having his own label gives him more freedom in what he releases, and whether we are likely to see a full length album from him soon. He also gave us our 184th exclusive podcast made up of scintillating exclusives and forthcoming tracks that shows his mastery in the studio also extends to the DJ booth.

Julius Steinhoff, You Collect Secrets

Like the catalog of Smallville, the label Steinhoff part-owns, the three tracks on You Collect Secrets tracks have an elegant, streamlined beauty to them but rarely slip into feeling stuffy or pretentious.

Benedikt Frey, Running In Circles

From the fresh-faced Benedikt Frey — who cut his debut record at the start of this year — Running in Circles shows off two distinct facets of his musical personality.

LWE Podcast 138: Oliver Hafenbauer (LARJ)

LWE got in with Oliver Hafenbauer touch to discuss his role within LARJ, his B.H.F.V. project with Beißwenger, and a forthcoming solo imprint. He also mixed together LWE’s 138th podcast, a joyful and varied hour of dance music which embodies the good spirits of Robert Johnson.

Portable, A Process

A Process, Portable’s debut for Live At Robert Johnson, is more a return to previous motifs than a major push forward.

2Q Reports 2012: Labels

For our final 2Q report, Tyson Wray navigates the sea of labels to select five whose output has been top notch.

Roman Flügel, Cookie Dust

Though far from formulaic, many of Roman Flügel’s records are consistently similar, and Cookie Dust, his latest for Live At Robert Johnson, more or less follows this game plan.

The Citizen’s Band, Broken Rome

Like its predecessor, Broken Rome sheds past aesthetics like last season’s wardrobe, favoring a demented if relatively more conventional house sound that leaves a few roots showing.

Massimiliano Pagliara, Focus For Infinity (The Remixes Part 2)

For the second and final part of the remix series, a new troupe of remixers invite Massimiliano Pagliara out, including Rotciv, Nicolas, and DJ Sotofett of Sex Tags Mania.

San Laurentino, Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit, San Laurentino’s first EP for Live At Robert Johnson, collects four tracks of the best sort of starry-eyed disco-house, negotiating a line between pop and dreaminess.

Maxmillion Dunbar, Polo (Versions)

Live At Robert Johnson makes its first American signing in the form of Maxmillion Dunbar, giving his “Polo” a victory lap backed by a Lauer remix.

LWE’s Top 5 Labels of 2011

For LWE’s second year-end piece, Steve Kerr showcases five of 2011’s most indispensable record labels.

The Citizen’s Band, 77 Reasons

While keeping busy with Arto Mwambe and behind the scenes work, Beißwenger found time for a new CB solo project: The Citizen’s Band makes its debut on LARJ with 77 Reasons.

Massimiliano Pagliara, Focus For Infinity

Massimiliano Pagliara expands his brief discography with Focus For Infinity, a bountiful full-length debut for Live At Robert Johnson.

Talking Shopcast with Live At Robert Johnson

LWE reached out Live At Robert Johnson to theirs brain about the label’s aims, its plans for the future, and the importance of record art. Label staple Roman Flügel was also kind enough to provide Talking Shopcast 11, a thrilling hour of bleep-filled techno and electro that reveals the continued relevance of Network and Warp Records.

LWE 2Q Reports 2011: Labels

For our second 2Q Report, Steve Kerr highlights five of the year’s best labels thus far.

Roman Flügel, Desperate Housemen EP

Desperate Housemen EP sits somewhere in-between Roman Flügel’s recent releases, pulling in the melodic grandeur of “Brian Le Bon” and sticking it in the subtle and refined template of his Dial EP.

B.H.F.V., ET 01

Live At Robert Johnson label manager Oliver Hafenbauer and Arto Mwambe’s CB Funk deliver two slices of funky dance music that reach back into the sounds of the early ’80s and update them for 2011.