Terrence Parker feat. Reno Ka, Finally – Part 1

[Planet E]

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In addition to a long and illustrious DJ career, Terrence Parker has a legacy as one of Detroit’s better house producers, if one whose ecstatic praises tend to die down when not discussing his fertile mid-/late-90s period. Of course, not every track can be a classic like “Your Love” or “Love’s Got Me High.” Yet an unrelenting flow of mostly mediocre new TP tracks over the last half decade seems to have dimmed enthusiasm for more. “Finally (Baby Be Mine),” then, must be something special, as both Planet E and obscure French label Difu have both released versions of the 2012 track this year, each swaddled in remixes. Indeed it is for Planet E, whose Finally – Part 1 release offers the most bang for your buck.

The fuzzy synth lead which opens Planet E’s mix of “Finally” is immediately compelling, its halo-ringed chords shifting their phrasing in pleasing, subtle ways, like embers burning in a fireplace. It’s a warm setting for vocalist Reno Ka’s clear and perky vocals, expressing relief at having found the one — a familiar enough trope, and one that sounds good as part of Parker’s choice of instrumentation. Bright piano riffs emulate their synthy brethren, giving the track a classy bounce accompanied by strings and a stealthy bass line. While still vibrant, full, and maybe a bit cloying, some of TP’s usual sheen and excess is wiped away; cutting two minutes from the “original” version also tightens up its appeal. Carl Craig provides an instrumental edit that unexpectedly pulls away the kick for extended periods, letting the richness of the instrumental soak in without adding much DJ utility. That’s left for Louie Vega’s 10-minute version, which teases the techno out of the synth line for a C2-like sound. The nimbleness of his melodies combined with unfussy percussion arranged across a long canvas, make this a DJ-friendly highlight. Though Planet E may press their luck by trying for Part 2, their version of Finally is a reassuring mile-marker in Terrence Parker’s extensive discography.


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