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Little White Earbuds Presents Fabrice Lig

LWE got in touch with Fabrice Lig to find out more about his new album album, his early days of clubbing in Ghent, and what he has gained from more than 20 years in the business. He also put together an exclusive mix for us that is his personal homage to the Detroit sound that has kept him inspired all these years.

Vince Watson, It’s Not Over

With soundtracks and more traditionally musical projects occupying more of Vince Watson’s time, It’s Not Over finds him stripping back his club-focused productions to their essences.

Terrence Parker feat. Reno Ka, Finally – Part 1

Planet E is the third label to release Terrence Parker’s Finally, but also the best of the bunch with a Louie Vega remix and C2 edit.

Paperclip People, Throw Remix

Ignoring the timeless advice, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” Slam turn in a negligible remix of Carl Craig’s undeniable classic as Paperclip People, “Throw.”

Talking Shopcast 09: Monty Luke is archived this week

LWE’s ninth Talking Shopcast, mixed by Monty Luke, was an exclusive mix of funky Planet E works from the past, present, and future. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, April 13th.

LCD Soundsystem, Throw

LCD Soundsystem’s cover of Paperclip People’s “Throw” may be perfectly adequate and suitable for the former’s live sets, but does it warrant being pressed up by Planet E?

Talking Shopcast with Planet E

While other producers and labels have come and gone, Carl Craig and Planet E have forged a path ever forward, pushing themselves and their art to uncharted territory. Carl was kind enough to talk to LWE about what makes his twenty year old record label tick, and offered valuable insight into some of his other projects outside of Planet E. He also drafted Monty Luke to compile Talking Shopcast 09, an exclusive mix of Planet E works.

Kirk Degiorgio, Membrane

Back in 1992, Kirk Degiorgio’s first ART EP (originally released by R&S Records) found itself getting licensed to Planet E, albeit in a slightly paired down and remixed form, but nonetheless giving two of productions front and center billing. He returned the favor soon after, providing a home for some of Carl Craig’s finest work under his Psyche and BFC monikers on the ART 3 EP. Fast forward 18 years and Degiorgio has returned to Planet E with his latest 12″, Membrane. With Degiorgio reviving his ART imprint and catching his second wind on the techno front, this would seem a perfect fit if not somewhat of a homecoming.

Martin Buttrich, Stoned Autopilot

[Planet E] Though it was considered one of 2007’s decent sized hits, the lack of nuance and by-the-numbers minimal arrangement of Martin Buttrich’s “Hunter” 12″ caught me off guard. After the aptly-titled “Well Done,” “Cloudy Bay” and the ubiquitous “Full Clip,” all of which were deftly chiseled and fitting of Buttrich’s production pedigree, I felt […]