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Steve Mizek’s Year In Dance Music 2014

Since we’ve relaxed the pace of publishing, putting together a year-end chart seems more appropriate with 2014 fully in the rear-view mirror and with the benefit of more free time. Think of this untraditional “list” as not late but properly marinated.

Curator’s Cuts 36: Steve Mizek

LWE’s editor-in-chief Steve Mizek compiled Curator’s Cuts 36. We will post the tracklist later in the week, as the curator discloses and describes it as part of the podcast.

Hakim Murphy, Chiffre

In the midst of a downpour of Hakim Murphy records I checked out one from the end of 2013, Chiffre on Mindshift Records.

DJ Fett Burger & DJ Speckgürtel, Speckbass

Speckbass by DJ Fett Burger and DJ Speckgürtel is certainly worth hunting down wherever it can be found — a special 12″ that integrates many of the signatures of the Sex Tags label family.

Terrence Parker feat. Reno Ka, Finally – Part 1

Planet E is the third label to release Terrence Parker’s Finally, but also the best of the bunch with a Louie Vega remix and C2 edit.

DJ Debriefing: DVS1

In advance of back to back gigs at Output NYC this weekend, LWE got in touch with DVS1 to have a peek in his record bag and thumb drives.

LWE Podcast 173: Steven Tang

Little White Earbuds took the opportunity to interview Steven Tang in Chicago, learning more about what’s given him the drive to make it as a full time artist. He also mixed together LWE’s 173rd exclusive podcast, 60 minutes of luscious house and techno, both new and old.

ItaloJohnson, ITJ 07

The three untitled tracks on ItaloJohnson’s ITJ 07 are exemplary of what distinguishes satisfying DJ tools from the generic hordes.

Todd Osborn, 303 / 909

Todd Osborn’s first 12″ in a few years also arrives courtesy of 7777303/909 and is rooted in the familiar pleasures of classic gear with a few twists.

LWE Podcast 165: Jimpster

LWE reached out to Jimpster to discuss how the new album came about, some of the most potent recent trends in dance music, and the depths of his A&R practices. He also delivered LWE’s 165th exclusive podcast, a wide-reaching and thoroughly entertaining summary of the sounds which have made Jimpster such an enduring presence.

LWE Reviews MUTEK 2013

After taking time to collect their thoughts, Steve Mizek and Steve Kerr offer their take on MUTEK’s 14th edition in Montreal.

DJ Sprinkles, Where Dancefloors Stand Still

DJ Sprinkles’ Where Dancefloors Stand Still is a particularly refreshing mix whose astoundingly on-point selections sequenced just so could redefine what listeners should expect from the mix CD format.

Matti Turunen, Elokuu EP

The Elokuu EP shifts the nostalgic tones and analogue drum sounds applied in Matti Turunen’s electro tracks into more house compatible arrangements.

Francis Inferno Orchestra, Astral Breeze EP

This 21-year-old producer has already come a long way since his first release arrived in 2010, a fact made plainly evident by his first solo record of 2012, the Astral Breeze EP for Fina Records.

Cooly G, Playin Me

On her long-awaited debut album, Playin Me, Cooly G harnesses her talents to convey the complexity of the moments inspiring her tunes.

Obsolete Music Technology, Mmmmmusic

With the Mmmmmusic single as Obsolete Music Technology, Tang finds a clever way to work the element which long eluded him into his established sound.

Robag Wruhme, Donnerkuppel

Those who expected Wruhme’s last single of 2011, Donnerkuppel, to trundle down a similarly easy going path as his album were in for a big (albeit pleasant) surprise.

Curator’s Cuts 09: Steve Mizek

LWE’s Curator’s Cuts podcast series features our reviewing staff mixing together recent favorites and providing explanations for their selections. LWE editor-in-chief, Steve Mizek, assembled Curator’s Cuts 09. We will post the tracklist later in the week, as each curator discloses and describes the tracklist as part of the podcast.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Kyle Hall

Save your free pass for another youngster: Kyle Hall gets by perfectly fine on his own merits. Boundlessly optimistic and precocious to boot, it was my pleasure to speak with Hall in advance of his Movement ’10 appearance about his passion for the visual arts, how he’s dealt with success, and the future as he sees it.

The Trouble With Abundance

For our last article of the year, LWE’s editor-in-chief, Steve Mizek, examines the incentives that encourage producers to release an abundance of records each year and the impact it has on dance music.