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LWE Podcast 90: Ada is archived this week

LWE’s 90th podcast by Ada was a cozy mix of melodic techno that, according to Ada, is how she imagined an early night’s set in June to feel. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, June 29th.

LWE Podcast 90: Ada

LWE opened up the lines of communication with Ada to discuss the differences between creating music for dancing and music for headphones, the lengthy process of creation and keeping your neighbors happy during the recording of an album. She also provided LWE with our 90th exclusive podcast, which she titled “Nightime”; a deliciously cosy mix of melodic techno that will warm even the coldest heart.

Cherry, World Waits EP

As Cherry, Teruyuki Kurihara’s debut EP for the Four:Twenty imprint may not have scored much of a blip on the techno radar when it was released mid-way through last year, but his follow up effort, the World Waits EP, should register some more deserving attention for the Tokyo producer. Keenly focussed on the emotive layering of melody, Cherry nevertheless fuels his tracks with plenty of kinetic groove. “When the Truth Is” tracks chiming, Detroit infused techno through wandering pathways of euphony, passed through bursts of steamy noise and rough shod wooden percussion. The relentless high notes figure in to the track like Robert Hood style minimalism played out in long form, though each element is scuffed up around the edges, taking the shine off that distinctive Hood chrome plated feel. Kurihara’s hard whiplash claps slam the opening track into overdrive and bounce off the wistful melodies, giving them more onus, not allowing them to succumb to their own precious beauty.

Ada, Adaptations Mixtape #1

Back in 2004, Ada’s Blondie was the go-to album to persuade your girlfriend or boyfriend that techno really was “okay.” Borrowing from pop-house veterans Everything But The Girl (via a cover of “Each and Everyone”) and indie-rockers Yeah Yeah Yeahs (“Maps”), Michaela Dippel broke out of the Cologne techno ghetto to achieve crossover critical, if not commercial, success. That’s not to say that she left behind her Rhineland roots — every one of Ada’s solo releases has been on a hometown label; and with frequent remixes from the cream of the Kompakt label, it was inevitable that one day she would release on the venerable imprint. Her music is a perfect fit for Kompakt with it’s emphasis on somehow euphoric and melancholic melodies, pastel-coloured but chunky bass-lines and cute pop-culture references. It’s a move that should ensure her the wider audience she deserves, and, as the title intimates, Adaptations Mixtape #1 is intended as an introduction from a trusted friend, but it’s a shame it’s such a collection of warmed-over odds and ends.

Ada, Forty Winks/Kink-A-Jou

[International Records Recordings] Michaela Dippel (aka Ada) likes to say she was raised by pink ponies, fashioned herself as pseudo-vampire, and had a blond pup named Fizzmann. If you pay close attention, these are all selling points for her music. Ada is part of Areal, a label which dabbles in large amounts of distorted fuzz, […]