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Roman Flügel, Even More

When it comes to Roman Flügel, imposing boundaries is a bad idea. Even More, an entry for Serge’s Clone Jack For Daze venture, proves disappointingly restricted.

Legowelt, The Paranormal Soul

Legowelt’s at his best when his music embodies the uncomplicated desire to meld minds with whatever machines are lying around. The Paranormal Soul delivers on this account without a pause.

Alden Tyrell feat. Mike Dunn, Touch The Sky

Despite similarities to another track on Clone Jack For Daze featuring Mike Dunn, Alden Tyrell’s “Touch The Sky” is hard to hate when it’s so singularly aimed at a good time.

Geeeman, Bang’t/Fire Extinguisher

Gerd’s new Geeeman alias returns with Bang’t/Fire Extinguisher that aims for the crude, party-facilitating vibes of Chicago ghetto house.