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Alden Tyrell feat. Mike Dunn, Touch The Sky

Despite similarities to another track on Clone Jack For Daze featuring Mike Dunn, Alden Tyrell’s “Touch The Sky” is hard to hate when it’s so singularly aimed at a good time.

Gerd, Palm Leaves

Palm Leaves, Gerd’s latest for Clone’s Royal Oak sub-label, is perhaps his best and most relevant find to date and comes with dub mix by Clone founder Serge and Alden Tyrell.

Machinedrum, Room(s)

Room(s), the fruit of Stewart’s new production ethic, proves that music can sound as 2011 as any album put out this year without sounding much like anything else.

Murphy Jax ft. Mike Dunn, It’s The Music

Despite its vintage feel, It’s the Music for Clone Jack for Daze marks Murphy Jax’s first time on wax with Mike Dunn on vocal duties.

Putsch ’79, Samasavel

It can’t be much fun being cloaked in solid darkness 24 hours a day for months on end, but then the prospect of experiencing equally tedious endless daylight can’t exactly be appealing either. But so it is for Sami Liuski and Pauli Jylhankangas who, based in the northern climes of Finland, put up with the dual aspects of luminosity and murk for long stretches of time. Perhaps to counter the the interminable winters or rather to celebrate the wonder of boundless sunshine they create warm, ebullient electro/disco sounding like it’s been beamed in directly from the early ’80’s.

The Hasbeens, Keep Fooling Yourself

[Clone] For those who find much of techno, house and electro to be too damn optimistic, nihilistic duo The Hasbeens and their “Keep Fooling Yourself” 12″ offer a welcome reprieve. Its three tracks are surprisingly catchy, retro-minded Italo disco and electro rather than gut-busting EBM racket or sanity grinding hard house, contrasting dystopic themes with […]