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Steve Mizek’s Year In Dance Music 2014

Since we’ve relaxed the pace of publishing, putting together a year-end chart seems more appropriate with 2014 fully in the rear-view mirror and with the benefit of more free time. Think of this untraditional “list” as not late but properly marinated.

Little White Earbuds April Charts 2014

01. Alex Israel, “Colugo” [Crème Organization]
02. Zsa Gang, “B1” [Off Minor Recordings]
03. Tristen, “Streets Of” [Aim]
04. Johannes Volk, “Glare” [Tief Music]
05. Losoul, “Daddy, What’s a Rise?” [Hypercolour]
06. DJ Koze, “Amygdala” (Roman Flügel Remix) [Pampa Records]
07. DVS1, “S.O.S.” [HUSH]
08. Rick Wade, “Cloud Envy” [Third Ear Recordings]
09. Todd Terje, “Oh Joy” [Olsen]
10. The Central Executives, “High Roads” [Golf Channel Recordings]

DJ Koze, Amygdala Remixes II

Following reworks by Matthew Herbert and Efdemin, the second shift crew of Roman Flügel and Robag Wruhme continue to wring magic from DJ Koze’s originals at the same high caliber as their predecessors.

Roman Flügel, Even More

When it comes to Roman Flügel, imposing boundaries is a bad idea. Even More, an entry for Serge’s Clone Jack For Daze venture, proves disappointingly restricted.

Glimpse/Martin Dawson/Alex Jones, Fat Controller

A collaboration between Martin Dawson, Glimpse and Hypercolour’s honcho, Alex Jones, Fat Controller is easily beat by Roman Flügel’s singular remix.

Little White Earbuds June Charts 2012

01. Unknown artist, “Spotlight” (Pittsburgh Track Authority Remix) [Spotlight]
02. KiNK, “Hand Made” [Rush Hour Recordings]
03. The Black Madonna, “Exodus” [Stripped & Chewed]
04. Steve Kasper, “Unvexed Dub” [Uncanny Valley]
05. Awanto 3, “Pregnant” [Dekmantel]
06. Real Cool, “What About Our Weekend Adam?” [Geography Records]
07. Roman Flügel, “Girls With Status” [Live At Robert Johnson]
08. Joy Orbison, “Ellipsis” [Hinge Finger]
09. Outboxx, “Astro Girl” [Immerse Records]
10. Trevino, “Backtracking” [The Nothing Special]

Roman Flügel, Cookie Dust

Though far from formulaic, many of Roman Flügel’s records are consistently similar, and Cookie Dust, his latest for Live At Robert Johnson, more or less follows this game plan.

LWE’s Top 10 Albums of 2011

After much internal wrangling and voting, LWE has chosen the top 10 albums that feel representative of 2011.

LWE’s Top 30 Tracks of 2011 (30-21)

As in past years, LWE’s reviewing staff has devoted a great deal effort combing through the year’s releases to select our top 30 favorite tracks of 2011. Your mileage may vary and many great tracks were left out, but for us these selections defined our 2011 listening experiences.

LWE’s Top 5 Artists Who Defined 2011

For our third year-end piece, Andrew Ryce draws our attention to the top 5 artists whose output defined this year.

Roman Flügel, Fatty Folders

More than a paean to long-lost subgenres or a play at shifting the conversation back in a particular direction, Fatty Folders is a celebration of having an inimitable voice.

DOTW: Anthony Collins, Don’t Look Down Now (Roman Flügel Remix)

If you need more evidence that one of Frankfurt’s greats is on fire, check out our download of the week — Roman Flügel’s remix of Anthony Collins’ “Don’t Look Down Now.”

Anthony Collins, Don’t Look Down Now

Don’t Look Down Now revises Anthony Collins’ emotive, organically flavored aesthetic to slot in among early evening sets and comes complete with an equally unhurried remix by Roman Flügel.

Roman Flügel, Desperate Housemen EP

Desperate Housemen EP sits somewhere in-between Roman Flügel’s recent releases, pulling in the melodic grandeur of “Brian Le Bon” and sticking it in the subtle and refined template of his Dial EP.

Little White Earbuds April Charts 2011

01. Jerzzey Boy, “Like A” [My Love Is Underground]
02. Recondite, “Robur” [Plangent]
03. Roman Flügel, “Iron Curtain” [Live At Robert Johnson]
04. Terrence Dixon, “City Nights” [Thema]
05. Vakula, “Kiev” [Achipel]
06. Julius Steinhoff, “Mischief Of One Kind And Another” [Geography Records]
07. Peverelist, “Dance Til The Police Come” [Hessle Audio]
08. Prostitune, “NJ Turnpike” [Just Another Beat]
09. Andre Lodemann, “Your Choice”
[Room With A View]
10. Leonid Nevermind, “Thymus Stimulator” [Nowar]

Little White Earbuds January Charts 2011

01. Hercules & Love Affair, “My House” [Mochi Mochi]
02. RNDM, “Hideaway Lane” (Dub) [Laid]
03. Lone, “Cloud 909” [Magic Wire Recordings]
04. Sandwell District, “Speed + Sound (Endless)” [Sandwell District]
05. XI, “Gamma Rain” [Orca Recordings]
06. Lauer, “Banned” [Live At Robert Johnson]
07. Audio Werner, “Guteaussichten” [Story]
08. Tin Man, “Nonneo” [Absurd Recordings]
09. Obsolete Music Technology, “Latency” [Machining Dreams]
10. Roman Flügel, “How to Spread Lies” [Dial]

Roman Flügel, How to Spread Lies

How to Spread Lies exists in a space between Flügel’s catalog and that of Dial; unquestionably more lighthearted than your average Lawrence release but also containing shades of sentimentality.

LWE Interviews Roman Flügel

Roman Flügel is one of those producers whose multifaceted career makes him difficult to describe narrowly, so I’ll stick with two simple truths: his 15 years spent making electronic music have proven him to be courageous and innovative. Never one to shy away from new sounds, Flügel has tackled everything from tribal house to experimental electronic jazz. But his most lasting project have been equally bold, from the serrated edged acidic electro of Alter Ego to the soothing scope of Sensorama (both in partnership with Jörn Elling Wuttke), from reduced and acid-house as Soylent Green to the IDM-flecked downtempo created as Eight Miles High. He’s harnessed the highs of crossover hits and powered through the lows of of steep expectations, never apologizing for being ambitious as an artist or appreciating success. Mr. Flügel was kind enough to chat with LWE about underground credibility, challenging audiences and days spent producing in a garage.

Roman Flügel, Stricher EP

It seems reasonable after 20 plus prolific years spent producing music that Roman Flügel’s recent output has slowed to a trickle. This isn’t to say the many monikered producer has been resting on his laurels — the excellent “Neues Testament” EP under the long dormant Roman IV guise puts paid to that notion — but the venerable producer just doesn’t need 10 to 15 releases per year to retain top billing. Yet you can hardly blame Flügel’s fans for hoping another few morsels meet his quality control standards and end up on wax. Surprisingly, Tiga’s Turbo label (rather than old reliable Playhouse) provides a home for his first original material of 2009 — the varied “Stricher EP.”