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Pearson Sound, HES026

David Kennedy makes his triumphant return with HES026, drawing on his skill for spacious, innovative rhythms and sparse, starkly touching melodies for one of his most focused and effective records to date.

LWE Podcast 122: Midland

Midland created LWE’s 122nd exclusive podcast, a mammoth perfect example of a timeless journey through sounds and styles that will become an instant fixture on your playlists.

LWE Interviews David Kennedy (Pearson Sound/Ramadanman)

After years spent releasing forward-thinking and consistently genre-defying music, 2010 was the year where David Kennedy’s name never seemed to leave the lips of critics and consumers alike. LWE caught up with Kennedy to chat about the CD, vinyl in general, and exactly how much free time he has left.

Pearson Sound, Down With You/Higher

David Kennedy’s first Pearson Sound transmission of 2010, the inaugural release for Darkestral Galaxicos, could potentially be the work of a different artist, containing two of his fastest, most rigid tracks to date.